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Bill Lamb

MTV Europe Music Awards Winners

By November 4, 2005

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Yesterday was a big day for European pop music as many of the world's biggest stars converged on Lisbon, Portugal for the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards. Madonna kicked off the celebration with a live performance of her new hit "Hung Up." The host for the event was faux Kazakh television personality Borat Sagdyev, comic alter ego of British performer Sacha Baron-Cohen. The estimated worldwide audience for the event was 1 billion.

Among the winners:

Logo courtesy MTV.


November 18, 2005 at 7:53 pm
(1) axisfrontier says:

Hi Bill,

Greetings from the hub(ris) of European music, London.

MTV Europe was okay, for a mediocre collection of average so-called artistes. Shakira looked and sounded shocking, Borat a British Jewish comedian playing a Kazakhstani lacked any improvisational skills or actual wit, had a wobbly accent and was a waste of viewing time. Madonna needs to be put in an old persons home and must be prescribed Diazepam by the kilo. Black Eyed Peas performance was beyond awful. Sounding like a bunch of cock-sure part-time urban hip-hop gangster kids messing about with bad lyrics and a crackly megaphone, shame on them. And Shaggy…Jesus man, quit the ridiculous voice and the pathetic attempts at being Testosterone-Rex man, we know “you didnít do it”!

Still, Green Day were verging on being okay, kinda-sorta. Although itís safe to say they too have gone the way of Metallica. Once they too were creating a non-popularist / semi-anarchic sound for the angry few…now look at them!!! Perhaps in their eagerness for mass appeal after so many years in the wilderness, they have condemned themselves to soft muzak secreting its IQ numbing qualities into shopping malls, elevators and large fast food chains the world over.

Now, what I want to know is who was responsible for the fantastic graphics that were going on behind the muzak videos? The Russian propaganda-style graphics had my attention 110%!

CCCP, rest in pieces!

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