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Bill Lamb

Beyonce and Destiny's Child Enter the Dictionary With Bootylicious

By March 17, 2006

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The term "bootylicious," made widely known by the Destiny's Child hit song of the same name (Listen) that hit #1 on the pop singles chart in 2001, has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary online. The word means "shapely, voluptuous, especially with reference to the buttocks."

The songwriting credits go to Beyoncé Knowles, Rob Fusari, Falonte Moore and Stevie Nicks. The song included a sample from Stevie Nicks' classic "Edge of Seventeen." Beyonce is considered to bear primary responsibility for using the term as the song's title. It is not, however, the first time the word "bootylicious" was used in the words to a recorded song. That honor is believed to belong to Snoop Dogg for his 1992 couplet:

Your bark was loud, but your bite wasn't vicious, And them rhymes you were kickin were quite bootylicious."

When contacted about "bootylicious" entering the dictionary, Beyonce was apparently less than impressed. She told the UK's TV Hits magazine "I wrote the song, but I wish there was another word I could have come up with if I was going to have a word in the dictionary."

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April 4, 2006 at 5:39 pm
(1) Jim says:

I checked with the OED and they do not list that word.

April 4, 2006 at 11:38 pm
(2) top40 says:

As I stated in the post, it has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary online. I am unaware if it is yet in the print version.

Here is one of many additional news stories confirming the fact…this from a blog by Yale graduate students of linguistics:


Bill Lamb

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