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Bill Lamb

Bill Lamb

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Bill Lamb is a music journalist specializing in pop music. He has been covering the world of pop music on the Internet since 1999.


For twelve years, Bill has been sharing his passion for and insight into contemporary pop on the web. Record collecting beginning during the late 70's punk/new wave revolution, college DJ experience, and concerts from Culture Club to Corinne Bailey Rae have all taught Bill an enduring appreciation for pop music. He first began publishing on the Internet through a self-created site on the history of dance and disco music. In 2005 Bill began covering top 40 and pop music for About.com. During that time he has shared with his readers interviews with artists like Bruno Mars just before he broke through into the pop mainstream and producers like Ryan Tedder at the peak of their pop music success. He has pointed his readers to major hits like Adele's "Rolling In the Deep" well before pop radio discovered them in the US. He continues to keep a sharp eye on the current state of pop music in order to share the best and most important news, reviews, lists, and interviews of interest to mainstream pop music fans.

By Bill Lamb:

Beginning with the car radio and a child-size record player, pop music has always had a key role in my life. While maintaining a passion for the best in the music that has come before, I've never lost a fascination with what may be just around the next corner. As a fan, I'm a champion of mainstream pop in its full rainbow of colors, and I'll work to help you become an informed, enthusiastic fan as well.

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