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Top 10 Best Chris Brown Songs
"Look At Me Now" features Chris Brown rapping, but then he is shown how to do it properly by Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. The production is put together in a ...
Review: Justin Bieber - Under the Mistletoe - Top 40 Pop - About.com
"The Little Drummer Boy" is taken for a spin in hip hop territory with the masterful Busta Rhymes. Justin Bieber does his own rapping, but as always it is Busta ...
Watch Busta Rhymes in the Swagger Wagon Commercial
America, meet your hero. His name is Busta Rhymes. I woke up today to the beauty that is Toyota's Swagger Wagon commercial, featuring Bussa Bus. It is quite ...
Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang - A Review of Busta ... - Rap/Hip-Hop
Just in case you've ever questioned Dr. Dre's proficiency in the production department or Busta Rhymes infinite energy, The Big Bang is the biblical truth that'll ...
Busta Rhymes BET Awards 2011 - Rap/Hip-Hop - About.com
Busta Rhymes BET Awards 2011. - Kevin Winter/Getty Images. Busta rocks the world's largest black slinky onstage at the 2011 BET Awards. Kevin ...
Rhymefest Interview - Interview with Rhymefest - Rap/Hip-Hop
I love what Busta Rhymes is doing. Busta Rhymes is hip-hop; he was on J Records, but I have to disagree with his statement to a certain degree because of what ...
10 Best Female Rappers - Rap/Hip-Hop - About.com
Rah Digga first showcased her lyrical tenacity by dropping verses here and there as a member of Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad. Digga eventually solidified ...
25 Best Hip Hop Workout Songs - Rap/Hip-Hop - About.com
This is no exception to their smoothness, but speed up the beat, add Busta Rhymes and you've got a real kick-ass workout track. More · LL Cool J - Mama Said ...
Chyna and Busta Rhymes - Professional Wrestling - About.com
... and Busta Rhymes. - Kevin Winter/Getty Images. Kevin Winter/Getty Images. Chyna. and Busta Rhymes present an award at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards .
Top 10 Biggie Collaborations of All Time - Rap/Hip-Hop - About.com
"Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)" (with Craig Mack, LL Cool J, Rampage, & Busta Rhymes). (Album: Project: Funk the World, Craig Mack). Fresh off the critical praise of ...
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