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Profiles of Past American Idol Contestants

Profiles of top past American Idol contestants.

Clay Aiken
Clay Aiken finished second to Ruben Studdard on American Idol, but he has cultivated perhaps the most devoted fan base of any former contestant.

Kris Allen
Kris Allen is the surprise winner of season eight on American Idol. He cultivated a very successful guy next door with amazing talent image to win the competition.

David Archuleta
David Archuleta finished second in American Idol's season seven as a teenager. He quickly turned his placement into pop success with a hit single.

Bo Bice
'American Idol' 2005 runner-up. Included are details on his life, first album, and the future.

Kelly Clarkson
Details on the career of the season 1 winner.

David Cook
Profile of season seven winner David Cook. He is the first rock performer to win American Idol.

A profile of the rock band Daughtry. Details on all band members including Chris Daughtry, Jeremy Brady, Josh Steely, Joey Barnes, and Josh Paul.

Lee DeWyze
Lee DeWyze was the winner of 'American Idol' Season 9.

Profile of season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino. Details about her early life, victory on 'American Idol,' and emergence as top r&b artist are discussed.

Taylor Hicks
Recording artist and winner of 'American Idol' Season 5. Details on Taylor Hicks' early life and career as a musician before 'American Idol' are included.

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson first came to prominence as a contestant on 'American Idol.' She is a co-star of the film production of 'Dreamgirls' with Beyonce and Jamie Foxx.

Allison Iraheta
Allison Iraheta finished fourth in season eight of American Idol and was the last female contestant in the competition.

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert was favored to win season eight but only finished second. However, his flamboyant style has successfully gained significant attention in the pop music industry including an appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Blake Lewis
Blake Lewis, finalist in American Idol's 2007 season, is profiled. Included are details on his music and beatboxing as well as speculation about the direction his musical recordings may take.

Katharine McPhee
Recording artist and runner-up of 'American Idol' Season 5. Details on Katharine McPhee's early life and career as a musician before 'American Idol' are included.

Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks, finalist in American Idol's 2007 season, is profiled. Included are details on her music, acting, and modeling experience as well as speculation about the direction her musical recordings may take.

Ruben Studdard
Season #2 winner. Details on Ruben Studdard's early life, his album releases, and victory in American Idol are included

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood finished first in season 4 of 'American Idol.' Her first single "Inside Your Heaven" was one of the fastest selling pop single of all time. This profile gives details on her life and career.

Mario Vazquez
Mario Vazquez reached the final 12 in the 2005 'American Idol' competition only to drop out and seek his own path toward musical success far. Thus far, with the assistance of music mogul Clive Davis, his decision has been a good one. Vazquez' first single "Gallery" has turned into a top 40 pop hit.

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