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Colbie Caillat - All Of You

Just Enough Soft Rock Variety To Be a True Pleasure

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Colbie Caillat - All Of You

Colbie Caillat - All Of You

Courtesy Universal Republic

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There is no denying the simple pleasures of Colbie Caillat's pleasing voice and sunny pop attitude. However, the primary complaint about her sophomore album Breakthrough was that the songs got repetitive and felt like the same sentiment repeated over and over. Colbie Caillat has introduced more variety on her third set All Of You, and it makes the whole album work quite well. Bright handclaps accent the romantic joy of the Ryan Tedder collaboration "Brighter Than the Sun." Common's raps add a new texture on "Favorite Song," and the gentle reggae of "Think Good Thoughts" will light up any summer day.

The Sunny Side Of Pop With Just a Few Shadows

There are times at which the genial, happy tone of Colbie Caillat's music can feel a bit naive or unrealistic. However, on All Of You she addresses that issue pointing out there are indeed some shadows in life. The song titled "Shadow" deals with the pain of ambivalence in relationships. On the album closer Colbie Caillat talks about the joys of relationships that can endure and comfort in the face of intense and dark life events. Occasionally what appears like naivete does poke through, but overall this is a Colbie Caillat who feels more realistic in her musical approach to life, and that makes the happy songs that much more joyful.

Colbie Caillat Owns Her Niche

Through the course of her three albums, Colbie Caillat has helped bring back the positive elements and glory days of classic 1970s singer-songwriter soft rock. Her natural charm and catchy melodies have been commercially successful netting her a #1 album and five top 10 adult pop hits. On All Of You the artistic achievement matches the commercial success. If you want to hear the sound of quality contemporary adult pop, Colbie Caillat is your artist. Beyond the irresistible, almost delirious love expressed in the finger-snapping hit single "I Do," or the handclaps of "Brighter Than the Sun," nearly all the songs here could stand on their own as a hit single.

Top Tracks On 'All Of You'

  • "I Do"
  • "Favorite Song"
  • "Think Good Thoughts"
  • "All Of You"

Unapologetic Positivity Shines On 'All Of You'

There are few mainstream pop artists that are as unapologetically upbeat as Colbie Caillat. If you thrive on skepticism, then steer clear. However, if you think that most of the time real, romantic love does win out in the end, or if you just want to snuggle up to the sound of someone who does believe that, then don't miss the album All Of You. Colbie Caillat sings, "What if this could be real love?" She then answers that question over and over in song. The world would be the most cheerful, happy place one could imagine.

Released July 2011 by Universal Republic.

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