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Greetings From Imrie House - The Click Five

Pop Is Not a Bad Word

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Greetings From Imrie House - The Click Five
Courtesy Lava Records
Pop is not a bad word, and the Click Five know it. When you head to their web site, the first thing you see is their "New School Power Pop" logo accompanied by the crunchy guitar chords that kick off the hit single "Just the Girl." It's a free fall into the world of irresistible melody and guitar-soaked power chords.

Watch the "Just the Girl" video.

Fairytale Emergence

The Click Five is made up of 4 guys from Boston's Berklee School Of Music and a childhood friend who ended up at Purdue University. They are all age 22 and 23, but they exhibit a fondness for classic power pop that is exhilarating. The emergence of the band reads almost like a fairytale. After putting together their act in Imrie House, a Berklee School Of Music dorm, they set out to grab the attention of Mike Denneen, Boston-based producer of Fountains Of Wayne. Denneen agreed to produce a 2-song demo and introduced them to Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley, another early supporter. When major label Lava Records came calling, Denneen produced the album and Greetings From Imrie House was born.

The Momentum Builds

To drum up support for Greetings From Imrie House, the band has toured extensively, opening for Ashlee Simpson and most recently the Backstreet Boys. Meanwhile, the single "Just the Girl" has been climbing the charts and building up momentum. When the album hits stores August 16th, 2005, it should find an eager crowd waiting. My prediction is they won't be disappointed in what they hear. Once Greetings From Imrie House hits the CD player, fans will be singing along with lead vocalist Eric Dill on "Good Day," the album's first song, in no time.

Fondness For Classic Pop

"Just the Girl" is a rocker with irresistible melody and witty lyrics, courtesy of the songwriter, Fountains Of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger. It is a fine introduction to an album that is filled with tight melodies, 5-part vocal harmonies, and driving guitar. The group's primary songwriter, Ben Romans, carries his fondness for the Beatles and the Beach Boys on his sleeve. There is also a heavy streak of 80's nostalgia informing these tunes. When "Time Machine" kicks off with "Eleanor Rigby"-esque strings then slides into early 80's style new wave-style power pop accented with vocal harmonies that would please the Beach Boys, you know the Click Five are part of a generation with the benefit of 50-years pop-rock history.

A Tuneful, Happy Place

Greetings From Imrie House does not completely avoid missteps. The quality of the band's own original material makes an uninspired cover of the Thompson Twins' "Lies" stand out as a glaring miscalculation. The collaboration with Kiss' Paul Stanley on "Angel To You (Devil To Me)" generates less heat than many of the band's own songs. Some tunes are indeed more catchy than others, but when the band really hits its stride on a Ben Romans original like "Pop Princess," the world is a tuneful, happy place.
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