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Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival

Another Musical Step Forward

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Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival

Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival

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Good Charlotte have clearly grown up. The group’s breakthrough album The Young and the Hopeless was goofy and somewhat uninspired, but was followed by a surprisingly ambitious and serious album, Chonicles of Life and Death. Never short on catchy hooks, the Madden twins and fellow band mates have now put together Good Morning Revival, a set showing that along with riches and fame has come a good deal of wisdom and maturity.

Messages Of Hope

Previous to 2004, one of Good Charlotte’s most introspective lyrics may have been “Girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money.” As much of a cliché-fest as their breakthrough album was, those days are a distant memory as the band now explores the dark sides of life and young love on Good Morning Revival, all while offering messages of hope for their teenage fan base along the way. Lead singer Joel Madden combines deep, thought-provoking lyrics with irresistibly catchy choruses to make for a very worthwhile pop-rock record.

The New Sound

Good Morning Revival’s lyrical direction is best represented on tracks like “Break Her Heart” where Joel Madden laments, “The only way you’ll ever keep her in your hands is by breaking apart her heart,” and “Beautiful Place” asking, “Mother, can we start over? I wanna be the boy from back then, before the world came and made me colder.”

Good Charlotte is also sporting a bit of a new instrumental sound. Producer Don Gilmore’s production is at times reminiscent of The Killers' dance-rock on tracks like “Dance Floor Anthem” and “Misery,” helping the album sound a little less gloomy. Elsewhere, “Where Would We Be” plays like a production remake of Coldplay’s “Clocks,” while “Something Else” and “Broken Hearts Parade” stick to the punk guitars and drums of the band’s past work.

A Band On The Rise

Although Good Morning Revival is not perfect, as obnoxiously repetitive songs such as “All Black” and “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl” sound like outtakes from Good Charlotte’s The Young and the Hopeless, they are definitely the minority on this disc. The group has put together an album that is a great message for their teenage fans. A band that once stuck out from the pop-punk crowd mostly for its full body tattoos and twin brother novelty has suddenly become quite relevant.

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