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Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer

Jonas Brothers Rescue Power Pop In All Its Glory

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User Rating 5 Star Rating (1 Review)


Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer

Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer

Courtesy Hollywood Records

Any bias against so-called "kiddie pop" that keeps you away from this album is unfortunate baggage indeed. The Jonas Brothers here uncork an instant classic of power pop. If Cheap Trick or the Raspberries mean anything to you as a pop fan, this album is indispensable. With only one of the 3 brothers out of his teens, and the group having co-written every song, it's anyone's guess what these guys are capable of. This is one of the year's essential pop albums.

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Released August 12, 2008

Climbing Out of Miley's Shadow

In the past year, the Jonas Brothers have been reared in the Disney pop factory largely in the shadow of fellow teen pop phenomenon Miley Cyrus. However, A Little Bit Longer aggressively proves they are no longer in need of her assistance. They roll off the mark with the irresistibly muscular pop of "BB Good" and the energy rarely flags. By the last bars of the title song, most listeners will find themselves Jonas Brothers fans.

Consistent High Quality

It has not been a rare thing in recent years for pop albums from the Disney stable to include a killer track here and there. However, A Little Bit Longer may be the first that truly has zero filler. The brothers rock their hearts out on rave-ups like "One Man Show" and show us a gentler, still anthemic, side on the brilliant "Lovebug." They even show off some lyrical bile on the snarling "Video Girl."

Top Tracks on 'A Little Bit Longer'

  • "Burnin' Up"
  • "One Man Show"
  • "Lovebug"
  • "Tonight"
  • "Video Girl"

The Best Pop-Rock Album of the Year?

The entire package here is coherent, eminently enjoyable, and lacking in pretension. It is quite possible A Little Bit Longer will end the year as one of the best pop-rock albums of 2008. Any serious pop music fan would be well advised to give the Jonas Brothers some well-deserved attention. They are on a roll here and deserve to be the hottest trio in the music business.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Jo Brothers amazing albuum A little bit longer, Member FrankieMarieoh

This CD is important to me because it reminds me of the ups and down of life. The first time I heard this Album, I was mesmerized in the harmonies, Melodies, lyrics and the Catchy beat. Although there are Pop songs, there are also two slow songs. My favourite is, and I guarantee it will be yours, A little bit longer. This song is very emotional and was written by the youngest band member about having diabetes. This album is not like any other CD. Every single track sounds different to the other. This album is destined to be a creative influential outburst in the music world.

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