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Lady Gaga - 'The Fame Monster'

A Real Work of Pop Art - Not a Stopgap Release

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Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster

Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster

Courtesy Interscope

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Lady GaGa was exactly right to convince her label Interscope to focus on the eight new songs of The Fame Monster and not just toss them off as add-ons for a re-issue of her debut album The Fame. The new songs make a cohesive work of pop art on their own. The Lady Gaga aesthetic here combines the catchiness of the best in pop songs with pure, exposed emotion of some of the most enduring dance music classics. It's a no holds barred musical journey into the demons and monsters that haunt Lady Gaga's psyche.

Resonant Concept Played Out Through Incredibly Catchy Pop and Dance Songs

On The Fame Monster Lady Gaga moves past songs about getting drunk in the club or simply celebrating rough sex. Here she takes on her own personal monsters whether it's the artifice of appearance on "Dance In the Dark" or the incessant desire for "Bad Romance." Most listeners are likely to find a number of their own emotional issues and concerns somewhere in this suite of eight songs. However, nowhere does Lady Gaga forget the importance of pop songs being catchy and memorable. It's possible to simply revel in the beautiful wistful musical atmosphere of "So Happy I Could Die" and ignore the thoughtful meditation on caring for oneself physically and mentally when things are going awry.

More Hit Singles On the Way

There seems no doubt the hit singles will continue to flow for Lady Gaga beyond "Bad Romance." At least half the songs here would sound great on pop radio. "Alejandro" is a bit like Madonna's classic "La Isla Bonita" with a contemporary edge. "Monster" with the "He ate my heart" catch line is pure electronic dance pop heaven in sound. The Beyonce assisted "Telephone" is a club stomper that will draw in R&B and Hip Hop fans as well on the radio. 2009 may have been the year of Lady Gaga with five top 10 pop hits, four of them radio #1's, but 2010 should continue that momentum.

Top Tracks on 'The Fame Monster'

  • "Bad Romance"
  • "Monster"
  • "Telephone"
  • "So Happy I Could Die"

Lady Gaga Proves Herself a Compelling, Evolving Artist

There is nothing about The Fame Monster that sounds like Lady Gaga is interested in making The Fame part 2. Less than a year after "Just Dance" first topped the charts, she has dropped a set of songs that are a major stride forward in maturity. The conceptual approach here often seems reserved for rock and alternative albums. The Fame Monster is the most compelling pop concept piece in recent memory. There are clear signs of influence from some of the top pop women of the past including Madonna, Annie Lennox and Debbie Harry, but Lady Gaga makes it emphatically her own. If this is the direction of contemporary pop, we are in good hands indeed.

Released November 2009 by Interscope

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Lady Gaga's THE FAME MONSTER, Member halloween2

A truly splendid and magnificent masterpiece. Clearly influenced by the popstars of the 80's (Madonna, ABBA), Lady Gaga reinvents herself on her second studio album, a repackaged version of the Fame. From the brilliant opening track (first single Bad Romance) to the ""tribal"" closing track (Teeth), Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster is an album that fans will never forget. First single Bad Romance is a clever pop number, with interesting and splendid lyrics such as ""I want your psycho, your vertigo stick"" and the thumping chorus ""I want your love and I want your revenge You and me could write a bad romance"". Alejandro has thumping beats accompanied by pop that is reminiscent of ABBA and is clearly another unforgettable track. Monster is another brilliant outstanding track that offers lyrics such as ""He ate my heart"" and ""He tore my clothes right off. He ate my heart and then he ate my brain"", it is clearly an outstanding track both lyrically and vocally. Speechless is a clever pop ballad, and quite different from the other tracks, the song was written about her father and provides inspiration. The second half of the album is stronger than the first. Dance in the Dark is epic, excellent pop which bears resemblance to 80's pop. Lady Gaga pays homage to all the women who have suffered in a epic bridge/3rd verse and is definitely one of the stand-outs on the album. Second single Telephone (featuring Beyonce) is the stand-out of the album. Clearly, Lady Gaga and Beyonce make an outstanding pair. The song is magnificent lyrically in that it is about a woman who ignores her ex-lover's calls and would prefer to get out on the dancefloor. Accompanied by ringtones and thumping R&B beats, Telephone is clearly ""pop/R&B brilliance"". So Happy I Could Die is an extremely solid pop number, bearing resemblance to 80's pop, and lyrically is an ode to masturbation in that ""I love that lavender blonde... I touch myself can't get enough"". The ""ey-ha""s featured in the song do not get annoying and add strength and brilliance to the song. The album's closer Teeth is also one of the stand-outs. Lyrically, it is about S&M ""I'm gonna love you with my hands tied"" and provides a ""tribal"" feel to the album, and is different. Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster is clearly pop brilliance and is a must-have album. It is the best album that has ever been made, as Lady Gaga has ways to express herself lyrically and vocally. SONGS IN ORDER OF FAVOURITES Telephone Teeth Dance in the Dark Bad Romance Monster Alejandro So Happy I Could Die Speechless

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