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Madonna - Celebration

Most Extensive Greatest Hits Collection Yet

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Madonna - Celebration

Madonna - Celebration

Courtesy Warner Bros.

There is a single disc Celebration available with 18 songs, but with an artist like Madonna choosing the 2 disc deluxe edition is a no-brainer here. This is easily her most extensive greatest hits collection yet. The 1990 greatest hits set The Immaculate Collection has been a perennial bestseller and sales are nearing six million in the US. Celebration includes 36 tracks that range from the 1982 single "Everybody" that brought Madonna to the dance charts for the first time through two new songs. There is also a Celebration DVD packed with 47 videos including 27 that have never before been released on a DVD collection.

New Tracks "Celebration" and "Revolver"

Celebration includes two new tracks and they close each of the CDs. The first to be released as a single is the title cut "Celebration." It is a collaboration with dance DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold. The song is solid, classic club music from Madonna. I suspect it will sound even better after a few years go by. Madonna's music wears very well over time. The other new cut "Revolver" with Lil Wayne sounds a bit more like a stretch to remain contemporary and current.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. "Hung Up"
  2. "Music"
  3. "Vogue"
  4. "4 Minutes"
  5. "Holiday"
  6. "Everybody"
  7. "Like A Virgin"
  8. "Into The Groove"
  9. "Like A Prayer"
  10. "Ray Of Light"
  11. "Sorry"
  12. "Express Yourself"
  13. "Open Your Heart"
  14. "Borderline"
  15. "Secret"
  16. "Erotica"
  17. "Justify My Love"
  18. "Revolver" with Lil' Wayne

Disc 2

  1. "Dress You Up"
  2. "Material Girl"
  3. "La Isla Bonita"
  4. "Papa Don't Preach"
  5. "Lucky Star"
  6. "Burning Up"
  7. "Crazy For You"
  8. "Who's That Girl"
  9. "Frozen"
  10. "Miles Away"
  11. "Take A Bow"
  12. "Live To Tell"
  13. "Beautiful Stranger"
  14. "Hollywood"
  15. "Die Another Day"
  16. "Don’t Tell Me"
  17. "Cherish"
  18. "Celebration"

What Is Left Out?

Three major hits excluded from her earlier Immaculate Collection greatest hits, "Angel," "True Blue," and "Causing a Commotion" are again left out. "True Blue" and "Causing a Commotion" were included later on a UK released Holiday Collection EP. However, "Angel" seems to be always left out in favor of its single partner "Into the Groove." Among the later hits left out are the #1 smash "This Used to Be My Playground," the only US #1 pop hit missing, as well as "Deeper and Deeper," "Don't Cry For Me Argentina," and "You'll See." It is not a big surprise that "American Pie," one of Madonna's weakest recent hits is missing, but, personally, I would have liked to see "American Life" make the cut. However, when you have the embarrassment of riches in hits that Madonna has amassed, even when you include 36 tracks, there will still be great moments left out.

Consistency is the Hallmark of Madonna's Career

As you listen to all 36 tracks on the Celebration collection one of the most obvious attributes is the impressive consistency in musical quality that Madonna has maintained over more than 25 years. Songs such as "Justify My Love" that sounded a little over-indulgent when first released have worn very well over time. A song like "Dress You Up" that seemed a bit of a throwaway originally now just sounds like solid dance pop. If you do not already own a significant amount of Madonna's music in your collection, Celebration is a must. These songs belong in any serious pop music catalog.

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