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Sean Kingston - Tomorrow

Sean Kingston Grows Up a Bit With Charm Intact

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Sean Kingston - Tomorrow

Sean Kingston - Tomorrow

Courtesy Epic

It is not an easy thing for any recording artist to move from 17 year old teen to 19 year old young adult. It's even more difficult when the the move is also between debut album and crucial follow up. The good news here is that Sean Kingston makes the growing up seem fairly effortless. He also manages to mature without losing much of the charm that endeared him to pop fans in the first place. However, frequently Tomorrow threatens to drown in slick production and auto-tune. Ultimately, Sean Kingston successfully walks the wire to deliver a worthy sophomore effort.

Released September 2009 by Epic / Beluga Heights

Sean Kingston Knows How to Fire It Up

As indicated by its accompanying video, the 19 year old Sean Kingston demonstrates he knows how to lead the party on the hit single "Fire Burning." Later he thumps around the dancefloor with a pounding disco beat as he observes a beauty with her eyes on him like they are in a relationship in "My Girlfriend." The shy teenage Sean Kingston seems to have left the room on most of Tomorrow, although he does admit to sensitivity about his weight on the charm-filled midtempo "Face Drop."

Somewhat Over-Processed and Overly Slick

The most significant negative on Tomorrow is the slick, heavily processed audio surfaces that abound. Vocal processing through auto-tune is abundant here along with heavily synthesized sounds that give the effect at times Sean Kingston may be delivering his vocals from inside the digital machinery itself. The stripped down vocal and instrumental textures on album closer "Why U Wanna Go" are particularly effective simply because they let go of the heaviness of the sound of much of the album in favor of just allowing us to hear Sean Kingston.

Top Tracks on 'Tomorrow'

  • "Fire Burning"
  • "Face Drop"
  • "Twist Ya Around"
  • "Ice Cream Girl" featuring Wyclef Jean
  • "Why U Wanna Go"

Sean Kingston Plans to Stick Around

It's abundantly clear on Tomorrow that Sean Kingston plans to stick around for awhile. He demonstrates he can play well with other artists on the bouncy "Shoulda Let Go" featuring a rock chorus from Good Charlotte and a rhythmic vocal workout with Wyclef Jean on "Ice Cream Girl." At least half of the songs here could be pop hit singles and fit easily into contemporary pop radio playlists. Sean Kingston may want to consider stripping his sound down a bit more, but Tomorrow is far from an unpleasant listening experience. Sean Kingston has successfully delivered the goods he has to offer a second time around.

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