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Phillip Phillips


Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips

Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Background and Early Life:

Phillip Phillips was born September 20, 1990 in Leesburg, Georgia. He began playing music at age 14. He recently obtained a technical college degree in Industrial Systems Technology. Phillip Phillips plays guitar, bass, piano, and drums in addition to singing. He is a frequent live performer in the Albany, Georgia area.

Notable Performances:

Phillip Phillips On American Idol:

Phillip Phillips was the only contestant on season 11 of American Idol to never finish in the bottom three. He was dogged through the competition by health ailments that threatened to prevent him from performing. Phillip Phillips maintained a strong sense of independence shrugging off suggestions to change his appearance and some of the comments on his performance style. Although rarely favored to win the entire competition, he emerged victorious from the finale singing the song "Home."
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