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Artists A-Z

Links to profiles, reviews, discographies, quizzes and much more on top 40 and pop music artists from A-Z.
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3OH!3 Interview With Nathaniel Motte
Nathaniel Motte of 3OH!3 was interviewed by phone in May 2010 in advance of the album 'Streets of Gold.'

3OH!3 are a duo of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte who met at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Their first major hit single is "Don't Trust Me." The music is a comination of pop, electronica, and hip hop.

Demi Lovato Vs. Lady Gaga: Is Rainbow Vomit Legitimate Art?
Did Lady Gaga glorify bulimia in her SXSW "rainbow vomit" performance?

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande moved successfully from Nickelodeon TV stardom to becoming one of the hottest young female pop stars

Andy Grammer Interview
Interview with singer-songwriter Andy Grammer about his single "Back Home" and upcoming album and tour.

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea stormed the pop charts in 2014 with her debut hit "Fancy." Read more about her life and career.

The Four Seasons 9 Best Songs
The Four Seasons' top 9 hit songs. The band's story is featured in the award winning play and film Jersey Boys.

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