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Singer Marc Cohn Survives Gunshot Wound To the Head

Injured In Attempted Carjacking


Singer Marc Cohn Survives Gunshot Wound To the Head

Marc Cohn

(courtesy Atlantic Records)

Sunday night, August 7, 2005, Grammy Award winning singer Marc Cohn had just completed a concert in Denver, Colorado, when a man attempted to take over the van in which Cohn was riding. In the process of the attempted carjacking, the man fired a gun into the van striking Cohn in the temple after having been slowed somewhat by the van's windshield and grazing the driver of the van. A policeman on the scene said he was amazed Marc Cohn survived. Cohn was alert and talking when emergency workers took him to the hospital and appears to have only suffered minor injuries. Hospital surgeons removed the bullet and released him Monday morning.

Marc Cohn released his first album Marc Cohn in 1991. It included the hit single "Walking In Memphis" and was acclaimed by critics. The album won him a Grammy Award for Best New Artist Of 1991. Although he is well respected among other musicians, Cohn has only released 2 more of his own albums since 1991. He has failed to repeat the commercial success of the first album. Marc Cohn has made appearances on a number of albums by other performers including Carly Simon, Jackson Browne, and Rosanne Cash. He is married to ABC news reporter Elizabeth Vargas.

Fans are sharing their best wishes for a speedy recovery at MarcCohn.org.


Marc Cohn was released from the hospital with only minor injuries. The bullet lodged in his head but failed to penetrate his skull. Cohn later gave an interview to ABC television to be broadcast Friday, August 19, 2005 on the show 20/20. In the interview he recalled that after he was shot he believed he might be dying and that every second that passed may be his last.

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