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Natasha Bedingfield


Natasha Bedingfield


(courtesy Sony Music)


November 26, 1981 - London, U.K.

Quote From Natasha Bedingfield:

"I'm not interested in lines that go 'blah blah blah.' I want something that provokes me as well as the listener."

Natasha Bedingfield Trivia Fact:

In her teen years Natasha formed the Christian band the DNA Algorithm with her brother Daniel and sister Nikola.

Growing Up:

Natasha Bedingfield grew up in the southwest of London. Both of Natasha's parents were born in New Zealand giving Natasha a strong identification with New Zealand. While a teenager Natasha formed a Christian band the DNA Algorithm with her brother Daniel and sister Nikola. This gave Natasha the opportunity to learn guitar and piano and work on her songwriting.

College Years:

As a young woman Natasha Bedingfield attended art college but was advised to study art therapy since she was so interested in the pyschological content of her own paintings. Natasha believes her interest in psychology impacts the lyrical content of her songs. After two years juggling school and her music, Natasha Bedingfield decided to pursue music full time.

Pop Star:

While Natasha Bedingfield was honing her talents to prepare for approaching a record company, her brother Daniel became a pop star. Encouraged by his success, Natasha approached Phonogenic, a label imprint of BMG. The record company liked what they heard and sent Natasha Bedingfield to Los Angeles for 6 months of recording work.

Natasha's first single titled "Single" was released in the U.K. in the spring of 2004 and reached #3 on the U.K. pop chart. Her second single "These Words" topped the singles chart in August. It was quickly followed by the release of Natasha Bedingfield's first album Unwritten which debuted at the top of the album chart in September.

In June 2005 Natasha Bedingfield's single "These Words" was released in the U.S. to attempt to duplicate her U.K. success on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. By late July "These Words" entered the U.S. pop top 30 in preparation for an early August release of the album Unwritten. The album's title track and second single hit #1 on the Billboard Pop 100 in March 2006, propelling the album's US sales to Gold status.

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