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Green Day - Dookie

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Green Day - Dookie
Courtesy Reprise Records

The Bottom Line

This is one of the landmark albums of the 1990's. It is clearly a tribute to and revival of the punk music of the late 1970's, but Dookie also helped sweep away the dominance of dark, brooding post-grunge in the rock world. The album only gets better with time and has become a touchstone for a new generation of punk pop in the new millenium.

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  • The songs are immediate, hooky and fun
  • Adolescent, snotty attitude is infectious
  • Avoids arty pretensions of the post-grunge scene


  • Little depth here to contemplate, but that could be a pro as well


  • A revival of pop melodies on speed from the dawn of punk in the late 1970's.
  • Adolescent concerns replace politics as the primary lyrical content.
  • The entire album is infused with an engaging, brash, sarcastic sense of humor.

Guide Review - Green Day - Dookie

Dookie is the first album released by Green Day after signing on with major record label Reprise Records, part of the Warner Music Group. While few music critics believed the new contract significantly impacted the group's musical authenticity or intensity, some punk purists accused Green Day of selling out to corporate interests. Regardless of the sellout accusations, Green Day managed to sell over 7 million copies of an album with a title that is slang for feces and pave the way for a number of other punk bands following in their wake.

The primary reason for the commercial success of Dookie is most likely due to its sheer musical quality. "Longview" is an adolescent ode to boredom helping lay the foundation for later groups like blink-182 and Sum 41. "Basket Case" with its classic opening "Do you have the time, to listen to me whine" is a power pop anthem of male neuroses. "When I Come Around" is close enough to a standard love song that it broke the group on mainstream pop radio. All of these and many more on the album are powered by pure pop melodies and an amphetamine rush of guitar and drums.

Dookie is a landmark album of the 1990's. It helped wrench rock music away from the dominance of Nirvana-influenced post grunge, and it laid the foundation for the triumph of punk pop nearly a decade later. This album belongs in any list of the top 10 or 20 releases of the decade.

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