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Fall Out Boy


Fall Out Boy
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images



2001 - Wilmette, Illinois.




Patrick Stump - Vocals, Guitar
Pete Wentz - Bass
Joseph Trohman - Guitar
Andrew Hurley - Drums


Quote from Pete Wentz:


"We’re probably four of the most ordinary people you’ll ever meet, just placed in an extraordinary position."


Trivia Fact:


The title for the album From Under the Cork Tree was inspired by the children's book The Story Of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.




Fall Out Boy was formed by Joseph Trohman and his friend Pete Wentz in 2001 in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Initially they played heavy metal, but soon became dissatisified with that musical direction. They then decided to follow trails blazed by Green Day and play a brand of punk pop. Drummer Andrew Hurley of the metal-core band Racetraitor soon joined the band, and Patrick Stump joined after he introduced himself to Trohman at a Borders book store.


First Recordings:


The group played their first two shows without a name. After their second show they asked the audience for suggestions for names of the band and one of those offered was 'Fall Out Boy.' The first recordings by Fall Out Boy were self-released on a 3-track demo in 2001. This was soon followed by a May, 2002 album split with the band Project Rocket. It was released on the independent label Uprising.


National Publicity:


In February 2003 Fall Out Boy released a mini-album on Uprising titled Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend. Good national publicity set off a small bidding war among record labels for the group's contract. The group signed with Fueled By Ramen, a Florida label run by Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Balzano, but gave major label Island Records first right of refusal to release the followup album. The Fueled By Ramen full-length album Take This To Your Grave came out in early May 2003. It barely missed the top 10 of Billboard's Heatseekers chart and convinced Island to support the followup.


Fall Out Boy Reviews:


Read in depth about key Fall Out Boy recordings:



The Sound of Fall Out Boy:


Fall Out Boy's sound is difficult to completely pin down. They have moved beyond their early Green Day influence to a sound more specifically their own. Bassist Pete Wentz refers to their sound as "softcore," somewhere between hardcore and punk pop. Their music carries the melodic drive of punk pop and borrows some of its lyrical subject matter from emo. However, the full barrage of guitars and drums frequently utilized by the group hints at their hardcore background.


Pop Breakthrough:


Before a major label album could appear, Fueled By Ramen put out My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side To My Tongue, an acoustic EP that included a remake of Joy Division's classic "Love Will Tear Us Apart," in May 2004. The EP broke into the top 200 of the pop albums chart and continued the buzz surrounding the group. The group's major label debut From Under the Cork Tree appeared in May 2005 amid high expectations. Strong critical acclaim helped the album land in the top 10 its first week out. Ultimately the album placed 2 singles, "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" and "Dance, Dance" in the pop top 10.

"This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race," the first single from Fall Out Boy's album Infinity on High appeared in November, 2006. It became the band's first single to reach #1 on the US pop singles chart. "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" also hit #2 in the UK becoming their biggest hit single yet there. The album Infinity on High hit stores in February, 2007 and landed at the top as well.

The band's 5th full-length studio album Folie a Deux was released December 16, 2008 and includes the single "I Don't Care." Following the release of a greatest hits album titled Believers Never Die in late 2009, the group went on hiatus only to return over three years later in February 2013 with the new single "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)."


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