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Katharine McPhee


Katharine McPhee
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March 25, 1984 - Los Angeles, California.

Early Years:

Katharine McPhee's mother is a vocal coach and has had success as a cabaret singer. She has been McPhee's primary instructor in singing. Katharine McPhee graduated from high school in 2002 and attended the Boston Conservancy for 3 semesters before returning to Los Angeles to seek an acting career and perform in multiple local musical productions.

Quote from Katharine McPhee:

From Reuters News Service after finishing second in American Idol:

"I don't need sad faces or anyone to feel bad for me. I have got a record deal, pretty much. It wasn't about winning the title, I just wanted to give the best performance I could."

Trivia Fact About Katharine McPhee:

Katharine McPhee has a pet dog named Lily.

American Idol Contestant:

Katharine McPhee auditioned for American Idol in San Francisco. She performed "God Bless the Child." Judge Simon Cowell said she was amazing and current and judge Randy Jackson said she had the best voice he had heard yet in the competition. In the show that narrowed the competition to 24, McPhee was the first to be accepted into the final group. Fans described her appeal as "catching the McPheever."

Songs Performed by Katharine McPhee on American Idol:

American Idol Winner and the Future:

On May 24, 2006 Katharine McPhee finished second to Taylor Hicks in American Idol season 5. Possibly the most dramatic night of the competition for McPhee was when she was one of the bottom 2 with competition favorite Chris Daughtry. Fans of the show were shocked when Katharine McPhee was chosen over Daughtry as one of the final 3 contestants.

Katharine McPhee's first single will be "My Destiny" Her version of the Aretha Franklin classic "Think" will also be included on the single. The record is due for release June 20, 2006. Katharine McPhee will participate in the 2006 American Idol Finalists concert tour.

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