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The Fray


The Fray
© Epic Records


2002 - Denver, Colorado.

Members of the Fray:

  • Isaac Slade - Vocals, Piano
  • Joe King - Guitar, Vocals
  • Dave Welsh - Guitar
  • Ben Wysocki - Drums

A Chance Connection:

The Fray came about after a chance encounter between former schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King at a Denver, Colorado record store. The pair began jamming together and then writing songs. Eventually, they put together a band. Dave Welsh and Ben Wysocki, former bandmates of Isaac Slade, joined up after hearing the new songs. A name was needed for the band, and the suggestion "The Fray" was made in reference to a tendency to battle over song composition.

Local Success and the Fray's Record Contract:

The Fray's local success took root quickly and soon they were one of the most respected bands in Denver. The group won the title of Best New Band from Denver's Westword magazine. A demo of the song "Over My Head (Cable Car)" topped radio playlists at Denver station KTCL in 2004. All of the buzz led to a recording contract with Epic Records.

The Sound of the Fray:

The sound of the Fray's music lies somewhere at a point at which soaring pop-rock from bands like Coldplay, 90's rock like Counting Crows and the Wallflowers, and emo-pop like Something Corporate and Fountains of Wayne all intersect. The songs are urgent and driven by melody with chiming guitars and rolling piano taking hold of the listener's emotions.

Trivia Fact About the Fray:

Band member David Welsh enjoys reviewing restaurants. Check out his reviews in the bio section at the Fray's official site.

Tour and a Top 40 Hit Single:

The Fray gained extensive exposure as opening act on tour with Weezer in the summer of 2005. The group's first album How to Save a Life was released in September. In February, 2006, the single "Over My Head (Cable Car)" debuted on the Billboard pop singles chart. By May it was nearing the top 20.

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