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Avril Lavigne and Sum 41's Deryck Whibley Engaged

The punk pop power couple


Avril Lavigne photo

Avril Lavigne

Last September rumors were planted that Canadian punk pop stars Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley, leader of the group Sum 41, were engaged. It turned out those rumors were false and were allegedly planted to demonstrate how easily the media could be led astray. It's now 9 months later, and the couple are planning to be married. This time it's been confirmed by publicists for both 20 year old Lavigne and 25 year old Whibley. However, no dates for the wedding have been set. Both performers have had high profile relationships in the past, particularly Whibley's relationship with Paris Hilton.

Both Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are key figures in the punk pop music genre. Whibley's band Sum 41 have just celebrated gold certification status for their latest album Chuck which hit the top 10 of the Billboard pop albums chart. The band has reached the top 10 of the modern rock singles chart 4 times. One of those singles, "Fat Lip," reached #1. Avril Lavigne has enjoyed even greater success. Her first album Let Go sold over 15 million copies led by the single "Complicated" which peaked at #2. Her followup album Under My Skin topped the albums chart. Lavigne has also been nominated for 8 Grammy Awards and won 7 Juno Awards, the Canadian version of the Grammys. She has had 8 number one songs at home in Canada.

The couple bought a home together last year in Beverly Hills. Avril Lavigne has also been sporting a small pink heart-shaped tattoo with the letter "D" on her right wrist since last fall. In a recent interview Deryck Whibley stated that he's sick of going to strip clubs and getting drunk all the time, perhaps an indication that he is growing beyond the bad boy reputation of his group. Reportedly, Whibley proposed recently in Europe where Avril Lavigne has been touring and Sum 41 will begin a concert tour in July. Meanwhile, Lavigne begins her North American tour in July.

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