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Daniel Powter


Daniel Powter
© Warner Bros.


February 25, 1971 - Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

Quote from Daniel Powter:

Courtesy Warner Bros. : "I never really know what I'm playing. I just follow what sounds good in my head and keep going."

Growing Up:

Daniel Powter grew up in Vernon, a town in the Okanagan Valley of south-central British Columbia. He began playing violin at the age of four and spent many hours practicing with his mother's accompaniment on the piano. Powter credits his parents record collection as a primary early influence on his musical tastes. The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Motown, Prince, and even Duran Duran are remembered fondly from his childhood.

High School and Daniel Powter as a Performer:

By the time he entered high school Daniel Powter had shifted much of his musical interest to the piano. He got his first band together in late high school, but it took some time to overcome his stage fright. Powter cut his first record and it received airplay in a radio contest in Victoria, British Columbia. After high school graduation he entered Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton on a music scholarship.

Dropping Out of College and an Independent Path:

Daniel Powter did well in music performance in college but his dyslexia caused him to fail music theory. He decided to drop out of college after 2 years and pursue his own path in music. Daniel Powter began collaborating with musical partner Jeff Dawson on songs and recordings. They drew attention from music industry scouts, but Powter's stage fright prevented him from being signed.

Trivia Fact About Daniel Powter:

Daniel Powter wears his trademark beanie to hide a large scar received in an automobile accident as a young child.


Just as Daniel Powter was resigned to writing songs in relative obscurity, manager Gary Stamler got Powter's demo to the attention of Warner Bros. Music CEO Tom Whalley. Soon, Daniel Powter began recording for the label. Veteran producer Mitchell Froom (Sheryl Crow, Pearl Jam, Suzanne Vega) was assigned to the project and soon Powter, Dawson and Froom became a congenial artistic team.

Commercial Success for Daniel Powter:

Daniel Powter's first single "Bad Day" was released in Europe in 2005. Warner Bros. chose it as their entry in Coca-Cola's search for a song for a European ad campaign. Soon, the song was heard across the continent and reached the top 5 on pop singles charts in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK. A second tie-in helped boost the single to the top 5 in the US in March, 2006. "Bad Day" was used frequently as closing music for results night on the 5th season of American Idol. Daniel Powter's self-titled first album is due in stores April 11, 2006.

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