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Snow Patrol


Snow Patrol
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Formation of Snow Patrol:

Snow Patrol first came together when college students Gary Lightbody and Mark McClelland of Northern Ireland met while studying in Dundee, Scotland in 1994. In 1997 they released an EP under the name Polar Bear. Jonny Quinn joined the pair as drummer and, under their new name Snow Patrol, the band signed with Jeepster Records. They released the album Songs for Polar Bears in 1998 and When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up in 2001.

Snow Patrol Members:

  • Gary Lightbody - Vocals and Guitar
  • Nathan Connolly - Guitar and Backing Vocals
  • Paul Wilson - Bass and Backing Vocals
  • Tom Simpson - Keyboards
  • Jonny Quinn - Drums

UK Chart Success:

Before Snow Patrol's next album, guitarist Nathan Connolly joined the group. The band signed with Polydor Records and began recording with producer Garrett "Jacknife" Lee. The album Final Straw was released in the UK in 2003. It included the #5 pop hit single "Run," and the album hit #3 on the album chart. With a 2004 release in the US, Final Straw broke into the top 100 of the US pop album chart.

Quote from Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody:

From the band's official web site:

"There are swaggering bands, bands who are in your face. And then there are bands who get hold of you somewhere else. I think it’s a heart thing, an intimacy thing. Like you know them and they know you. I think we are one of those bands."

Eyes Open:

2005 was a big year for Snow Patrol. Founding member Mark McClelland left the band and was replaced by Paul Wilson. Touring keyboardist Tom Simpson was declared a permanent member of Snow Patrol. The group toured Europe opening for U2 on the Vertigo tour with a break to perform at Live 8. Snow Patrol completed recording their next album Eyes Open in December, 2005, and it was released in May, 2006.

Trivia Fact About Snow Patrol:

Snow Patrol were the final act to perform on the UK's Top of the Pops TV show.

"Chasing Cars":

Eyes Open debuted at #1 on the UK pop album chart and its first single "You're All I Have" became the band's second top 10 pop single in the UK. The hit US TV series Grey's Anatomy featured "Chasing Cars," the second single from Eyes Open, in its soundtrack. This caused the song to begin climbing the US pop charts and by September, 2006, "Chasing Cars" had entered both the UK and US pop top 10.

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