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Avril Lavigne Songs

The Top 10 Best Hit Songs


Avril Lavigne first hit the pop charts in 2002 at the age of 17. Since then she has become a multi-platinum selling album artist and a regular visitor to the top 10 of the pop singles chart. This is a guide to her 10 best songs.

10. "Don't Tell Me" (2004)

Courtesy RCA

Avril Lavigne asserts her independence and unwillingness to give in to the demands of a male lover. This first single from the second album Under My Skin is a muscular rock ballad. It reached #22 on the pop singles chart.

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9. "Alice" (2010)

Avril Lavigne - Alice
Courtesy Buena Vista Records

Avril Lavigne offered to write a song for the Disney live action film Alice in Wonderland. She created a raw, throbbing statement of the survival instinct.

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8. "Keep Holding On" (2006)

Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On
Courtesy Arista Records

This song was included on the soundtrack to the film Eragon. Avril Lavigne delivers sweet, supportive lyrics that are prevented from falling into saccharine territory through the edge in her vocals.

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7. "Girlfriend" (2007)

Avril Lavigne - "Girlfriend"
Courtesy RCA

Avril Lavigne's only #1 pop single so far is a perky, upbeat cheerleader rock tune. It is brimming with her classic attitude in instructing a certain boy that his girlfriend selection is wrongheaded.

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6. "What the Hell" (2011)

Avril Lavigne - "What the Hell"
Single cover courtesy RCA

"What the Hell" on the surface is a perky upbeat Max Martin produced pop tune. However, in the lyrics, there is a hint of more seriousness particularly in light of the end of Avril Lavigne's marriage.

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5. "I'm With You" (2002)

Avril Lavigne - "I'm With You"
Courtesy Arista

"I'm With You" earned Avril Lavigne two Grammy Award nominations including for Song of the Year. As the third single from her debut album Let It Go, it received kudos for its adult-oriented sound.

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4. "When You're Gone" (2007)

Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone
Courtesy RCA Records

Producer Butch Walker provides a power ballad setting that helps this song deliver maximum emotional impact. Avril Lavigne laments the feelings that remain after a lover goes.

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3. "My Happy Ending" (2004)

Avril Lavigne - "My Happy Ending"
Courtesy Arista

Avril Lavigne delivers a definitive musical statement on romantic relationships that do not work out. A massive hook animates the song and makes it stick in the memory long after the music ends.

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2. "Sk8er Boi" (2002)

Avril Lavigne - "Sk8er Boi"
Courtesy Arista

Avril Lavigne's second single has been derided in the past as being too naive lyrically. However, with the benefit of hindsight, it seems perfectly pitched to her audience and the point in her career. The power pop hook of the song sticks strongly in your head. Later perky pop excursions still pale next to this one.

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1. "Complicated" (2002)

Avril Lavigne - "Complicated"
Courtesy Arista

Avril Lavigne still has not surpassed the quality of her first single, but that is not a commentary on the quality of her subsequent music. It is a comment on what a pop landmark "Complicated" remains. There has never been a more solid, hooky depiction of presenting a fake persona discussed in a pop song. Avril Lavigne's vocals are delivered for maximum impact of the words.

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