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Sara Bareilles


Sara Bareilles - Little Voice

Sara Bareilles - Little Voice

Courtesy Epic Records

Early Life:

Sara Bareilles was born December 7, 1979 and grew up in northern California in the town of Eureka. She sang in her high school choir and performed in local community theater. Although she didn't receive formal training in piano and voice, Sara Bareilles has been devoted to performing music and songwriting since childhood.

Quote from Sara Bareilles:

From her official bio:

"Songwriting is the most sacred thing in my life. It’s how I process my world."

UCLA Student:

Sara Bareilles graduated from high school in 1998 and moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. As a college student, she studied communications, but she also continued to pursue her songwriting and performing with additional input from the city environment. Performances at open mic nights led to larger gigs and gradually putting together her own musical entourage.

Major Label Release and Pop Stardom:

After graduating from UCLA in 2002, Sara Bareilles continued to pursue music. She put together two sets of demo recordings in 2003. Bareilles put together her first full-length album, Careful Confessions, in 2004, and in early 2005 Epic Records signed Sara Bareilles to a major label recording contract.

The recording of the album Little Voice took approximately a year. Sara Bareilles worked with producer Eric Rosse, best known for his work with Tori Amos. The year was a tumultuous but it resulted in a polished final product. "Love Song" was selected as the first single from the album and it was featured as iTunes Song of the Week in late June, 2007. Upon its release in July the album debuted at #45 on the Billboard album chart.

In late 2007 "Love Song" was featured in a TV commercial for the Rhapsody music service. The resulting attention made the song into an instant online bestseller rising into the top 10 on the pop singles chart. Following acceptance by pop radio early in 2008, "Love Song" re-entered the pop top 10 climbing even higher than its first peak. Sara Bareilles was selected to tour with James Blunt early in 2008. Her first headlining tour was set to commence in April 2008.

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