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Top 100 Pop Songs 2007


90. JoJo - How to Touch a Girl

JoJo - The High Road
Courtesy Blackground Records

JoJo gets instructional here, but it's her soulful, seasoned voice that draws attention here.

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89. Jordin Sparks - Tattoo

Jordin Sparks
Courtesy Jive Records

It's really hard to get enough of the exuberant approach to life and music of this year's American Idol champion Jordin Sparks. Don't miss the video of this sweet song.

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88. Mandy Moore - Extraordinary

Mandy Moore - Wild Hope
© The Firm

The most extraordinary thing here is that Mandy Moore has left teen bubblegum behind for a polished, mellow adult pop sound.

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87. Kat DeLuna featuring Elephant Man - Whine Up

Kat DeLuna - 9 Lives
courtesy Sony

One of the dance anthems of the summer of 2007 from newcomer Kat DeLuna.

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86. Bon Jovi - (You Want To) Make a Memory

Bon Jovi - Lost Highway
Courtesy Mercury Nashville

Bon Jovi seem to be an indestructible band. This is the type of song that lets the band age gracefully with their audience.

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85. Kelly Clarkson - Sober

Kelly Clarkson
Courtesy RCA Records

Kelly Clarkson masters the art of the confessional pop ballad here.

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84. Flo Rida featuring T-Pain - Low

Flo Rida
Courtesy Atlantic Records

Welcome to the birth of a new pop/hip hop star. T-Pain contributes his trademark vocals to the festivities on the chorus.

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83. Michael Buble - Everything

Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible
© Reprise Records

Michael Buble heads closer to mainstream pop here, but it's still his amazingly polished and smooth voice that will make his fans' hearts melt.

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82. Beyonce & Shakira - Beautiful Liar

Photo by Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Two of the world's biggest female pop stars, Beyonce and Shakira, generate seriously sexy sparks here. The only thing missing was a truly killer chorus to take it over the top.

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81. Ashley Tisdale - He Said, She Said

Ashley Tisdale
Courtesy Warner Bros. Records

Ashley Tisdale proves there is life beyond High School Musical. Her first major pop chart hit is an uptempo pop/dance gem.

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