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Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

Quite Possibly the Best Britney Spears Album

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

Courtesy Jive Records

Make no mistake. This may be the best Britney Spears album yet. It is filled with solidly entertaining, consistent, state of the art dance pop. The mood is sexy with a hint of regret or sadness that serves to ground the songs emotionally. The songs don't lack in trademark Britney Spears humor either. Production here is stellar. The overall impact is Britney Spears headed to the studio to make the best contemporary dance pop album possible and gathered the best production and songwriting talent she could find. Femme Fatale is unquestionably a triumph.

Juiced Up Dance Pop That Is Forward Thinking

Those big dubstep elements on "Hold It Against Me" were just a hint of what was to come in a full-length Britney Spears album. Somehow working with Britney Spears seems to push pop producers further than they have gone before. Max Martin and Dr. Luke sound like they are clearly digging deeper and pushing the boundaries of past work. Benny Blanco and Ammo deliver Britney Spears to a loose-limbed dance heaven on "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" that their work with Ke$ha only hints at. The Swedish production duo of Bloodshy and Avant seem particularly inspired when they work with Britney Spears. Although their productions for other artists have arguably been spotty in succes when working with Britney they have delivered a string of classics including "Toxic," "Piece Of Me,", "Unusual You," and now this album's indescribable pop gem "How I Roll." Filled with humor and futuristic effects, will.i.am's "Big Fat Bass" will leave you laughing as you sing along on the dance floor.

Sex and Fun In Abundance

It wouldn't be a Britney Spears album without sexual innuendo and even explicit commentary in abundance. However, the words remain clever enough that Femme Fatale is likely to generate smile after smile from those looking for sexy dance pop. "Inside Out" has to be one of the sexiest breakup songs ever recorded. It even includes a sly lyrical nod to Britney Spears' first hit "...Hit Me Baby One More Time." The ticking pop beat of "How I Roll" wraps itself around a lyric that is just a bit more explicit in what is wanted sexually. More than one fan may just laugh out loud listening to Britney Spears singing of the bass that is getting "bigger and biggger" on "Big Fat Bass."

Top Tracks On Femme Fatale

  • "Hold It Against Me"
  • "How I Roll"
  • "Big Fat Bass"
  • "Trouble For Me"

Blackout and Circus Were Just the Warmups, This IS Britney Spears

Clearly, after listening to Femme Fatale several times, the last two albums Blackout and Circus, as successful as they were, were just the warmup acts. This is THE contemporary Britney Spears album. It also represents the state of the art in contemporary dance pop. Filled to the brim with edgy audio effects, sexy lyrics, genuine humor, and a sense of focus on creating quality pop music, Femme Fatale cements Britney Spears' status as one of the top female pop artists of all time. There are no slow ballads here, nothing below midtempo, but most pop fans will be quite pleased with the majority of the songs here. Look for more pop radio hits to come as well. Now well over a decade into her mainstream pop career, Britney Spears does not have to worry about competing with prominent younger artists. She is a star and is just now reaching the peak of her talent.

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