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Chris Brown - "Turn Up the Music"

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Chris Brown -

Chris Brown - "Turn Up the Music"

Courtesy RCA

The Bottom Line


Chris Brown follows in the vein of "Yeah 3X" from his most recent album F.A.M.E., and he does indeed turn it up another notch. This Underdogs produced effort is an epic dance-pop track. Chris Brown is clearly aiming for #1 here.


  • Briliant dance-pop mix by the Underdogs
  • Chris Brown's vocals
  • Percussive breakdown


  • No significant negatives


  • Produced by the Underdogs
  • Released February 2012 by RCA
  • First single from 'Fortune' album

Guide Review - Chris Brown - "Turn Up the Music"

When you hear Chris Brown's laughs mixed into the song's closing fade, you know that he's aware what a hot song he has on his hands. "Turn Up the Music" is in many ways a straightforward pop-dance track, but the near perfection of the blend of rhythm, melody, and Chris Brown's vocals builds to something truly epic for the dance floor. "Turn Up the Music" could have easily been a throwback to territory already covered on hits such as Pitbull's #1 smash "Give Me Everything," but instead "Turn Up the Music" looks forward with an eye on the dance-pop future.

"Turn Up the Music" kicks off with pulsing synths that lead into a throbbing bass and sweet vocals from Chris Brown that lay down the main melody. A chorus of, "If you're sexy and you know it, put your hands up in the air!" gives a clever nod to the recent #1 hit by LMFAO. After the first time through the sweet and smooth bridge, "Turn Up the Music" slides into a fierce percussive breakdown before heading back into the chorus. A surprise multi-layered vocal mix leads into the final bridge before the extended closing fade. The Underdogs have created a very tight mix that takes listeners and club dancers on a celebratory journey.

"Turn Up the Music" is a tribute to the joy generated by the best of dance-pop music. Despite his well publicized personal issues, Chris Brown is serious about creating quality, forward looking music. He is also certain to create enthralling dance moves for this latest effort. It has been over six years since Chris Brown first hit the charts with "Run It!" and at the age of 22 he now has a legacy of 13 top 40 pop hits as lead artist and four top 10 albums. "Turn Up the Music" is no moment of resting on his laurels. It is a top flight contemporary dance-pop jam that will excite audiences both in clubs and on the radio.

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