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2006 Winter Olympics Concerts

Schedule of Performances


Kelly Clarkson
(Courtesy RCA Records)

Did you think the Olympics are just about sports events? Since ancient times, displays of culture and art have been part of the celebration. Pierre de Coubertin, the man given credit for reviving the Olympic Games in 1896, invited artists and writers to help determine how to incorporate arts and letters into the Games. Consequently, artistic competitions were part of the Olympic Games from 1912 through 1948. The cultural and artistic component of the Olympic celebration evolved into exhibitions beginning in 1952 and continues to this day as the Cultural Olympiad.

One key part of the Cultural Olympiad in Torino is nightly concerts following the sports medal ceremonies. These concerts involve some of the world's top recording artists. The schedule is as follows:

  • February 11: Andrea Bocelli
  • February 12: Kelly Clarkson
  • February 13: Ennio Morricone
  • February 14: Gianni Morandi
  • February 15: Duran Duran
  • February 16: Jamiroquai
  • February 17: Anastacia
  • February 18: Paolo Conte
  • February 19: Whitney Houston
  • February 20: Nek
  • February 21: Avril Lavigne
  • February 22: Ricky Martin
  • February 23: Lou Reed
  • February 24: Max Pezzali
  • February 25: Riccardo Cocciante

Specific television broadcasts of the concerts are yet to be determined, but footage from the concerts is likely to be used in NBC's television coverage of the games.

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