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Evanescence - "What You Want"

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Evanescence -

Evanescence - "What You Want"

Courtesy Wind-Up Records

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Fallen, the debut album from Evanescence, casts such a long, powerful shadow that it is difficult at times to imagine the band have only released two studio albums. Now, as a warm-up for the third, they have released the new single "What You Want." It is an outstanding uptempo showcase for the powerhouse vocals of group leader Amy Lee. The song should have no problem rolling to the top of rock radio playlists, and pop programmers would be well advised to welcome the group back as well.


  • Powerful, danceable rock beat
  • Amy Lee's soaring vocals
  • Lyrics of pain and heartbreak


  • No significant negatives


  • Written by Evanescence
  • Produced by Nick Raskulinecz
  • Released August 2011 by Wind-Up Records

Guide Review - Evanescence - "What You Want"

Rock music is experiencing a bit of a renaissance in the pop music world during the summer of 2011 and the return of Evanescence fits perfectly into the framework. "What You Want," the latest by the band kicks off with a satisfying thwack and soon moves into a danceable guitar-driven mode. Amy Lee's vocals, as strong as ever, soar over the top of the mix. Piano flourishes maintain the gothic feel that has always lurked in the music of Evanescence. "What You Want" will likely please long-term fans of the band while roping in fans of the rock end of the dance spectrum.

It looked like a new album from Evanescence would appear a year ago as produced by Steve Lillywhite. However, news appeared that the band and the producer were not exactly in the same creative space. Now a new, self-titled, release is expected soon with primary production from Nick Raskulinecz. Lyrically, "What You Want" is filled with the angst of a relationship that just can't quite work out despite the presence of love binding the pair together. It is set against an engaging melody that will inspire listeners to join in on the "Hello hello" choruses.

With only two albums to their credit Evanescence have earned seven Grammy Award nominations and won two while selling more than 10 million albums in the US alone. Three songs have made it to the pop top 10. It has been five years since the last full-length album, but there is still a ready and primed audience waiting for the return of Evanescence. "What You Want" is a perfect single to continue the band's legacy.

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