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Flo Rida - "Wild Ones" featuring Sia

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Flo Rida -

Flo Rida - "Wild Ones" featuring Sia

Courtesy Atlantic

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If not for the mesmerizing contributions of Australian singer-songwriter Sia, "Wild Ones" would be standard issue Flo Rida. Fortunately, her vocals elevate the song ensuring that we believe every word about her being a "wild one." This is another song that will fill the dance floor and bring any party to a peak. Flo Rida continues his phenomenal hit streak.


  • Sia's enticing featured vocals
  • Surefire party music


  • Ultimately pure fluff


  • Written by Tramar Dillard, Marcus Cooper, Sia Furler, Axel Hedfors, Raphaël Judrin, Jacob Luttrell, Ben Maddahi, and Pierre-Antoine Melki
  • Produced by soFLY & Nius, Axwell
  • Released December 2011 by Atlantic

Guide Review - Flo Rida - "Wild Ones" featuring Sia

Almost immediately "Wild Ones" kicks off with Sia's, "Hey I heard you were a wild one," with pounding keyboards beneath. Soon the dance beats kick in and Flo Rida joins the party. There is clearly a well worn formula to Flo Rida's blend of hip hop, dance, and pop. However, through clever use of guest artists and enlisting the help of some of the top producers in the business, he has not worn out his welcome. It is the moments when "Wild Ones" breaks down into that simple combination of synth keyboards and Sia's voice that the song commands our attention.

There is a longing in Sia's vocals that is intoxicating. She wants to bring the "wild one" home for an unforgettable experience. It all comes to a climax with the sultry bridge where Sia sings, "I am a wild one, break me in. Saddle me up, and let's begin." The unmistakable invitation has been delivered. Although Sia's guest appearance on David Guetta's "Titanium" landed her in the pop top 10 around the world, "Wild Ones" is her first introduction to a widespread pop audience in the US. There are many fans who will be eagerly waiting for more.

Ultimately, Flo Rida's hit songs are pure fluff. However, hits like "Low" and "Right Round" are durable as audience pleasers. "Wild Ones" has strong potential to become Flo Rida's seventh top 10 pop hit in the US. It has already topped the pop charts in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Add "Wild Ones" to your dance party soundtrack, and your friends will be pleased.

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