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Ellie Goulding


3rd Annual ELLE Women In Music Event
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Early Life:

Ellie Goulding was born December 30, 1986 in Herefordshire, England. She began playing clarinet at age 9 and guitar at 14. Ellie Goulding began writing songs at 15. While a university student she was exposed to electronic music and began working with producers Frankmusik and Starsmith. Songs posted online began to gain notice from music blogs and a buzz started around Ellie Goulding.

Ellie Goulding As Top Artist To Watch:

Praise from the music press soon led to interest from recording labels. Ellie Goulding was signed to a recording contract with Polydor in 2009. Her debut single "Under the Sheets" was released digitally and peaked at #53 on the UK pop singles chart in the fall of 2009. Ellie Goulding topped the BBC Sound of 2010 poll, as the top artist to watch, in advance of the release of her debut album.

UK Pop Star:

The album Lights was released in March 2010 in the UK and hit #1 on the album chart. It included the top 10 hit single "Starry Eyed." Ellie Goulding's unique blend of folk oriented vocals with electro pop music won strong critical acclaim. Late in 2010 her cover of Elton John's classic "Your Song" was a #2 pop hit in the UK and was included on an expanded re-release of her album titled Bright Lights.

US Breakthrough:

The Bright Lights re-release of Ellie Goulding's debut album also included a new song titled "Lights." It was released as a single in the UK but made only minor chart impact. In the US, the album Lights, including the new tracks, was released in March 2011. It broke into the upper half of the album chart and topped the Heatseekers chart. The song "Lights" was finally promoted to radio in the US in January 2012. It began a slow rise on the charts until reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 2012. By then the single was certified platinum for sales. Ellie Goulding has been romantically linked to Skrillex, and his influence seemed evident on her new song "Hanging On" which appeared in July 2012.
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