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Josh Groban


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Josh Groban Born:

February 27, 1981 - Los Angeles, California.

Quote From Josh Groban:

From ThinkExist:

“I get terrible butterflies. Before I go onstage, I'll have to freak out for five minutes. I scream. It seems to help!”

Josh Groban's Early Years:

Josh Groban grew up in a typical American home with a strong appreciation for music. Although neither of his parents were musicians, it was clear Josh was meant for a musical career not long into his childhood. Making his singing debut in a seventh grade concert, Josh wowed the audience with his solo. From that point on it seemed foolish for the boy not to pursue a singing career. In 1997, Groban began attending the L.A. County High School For the Arts to work on his vocals while finishing school. There he took on many top musical roles.

Trivia Fact About Josh Groban:

In summer 2002, Josh Groban made an appearance on Oprah! after being the most requested guest of the year.

Josh Groban's Big Break:

In early 1999, a demo tape of a Josh Groban song made its way into the hands of prominent music producer and songwriter David Foster. Foster was so impressed that he decided to let Groban perform at the inauguration ceremony for newly elected California Governor Grey Davis. Soon after, a rehearsal was set up intended for an Andrea Bocellia and Celine Dion duet at the 1999 Grammy Awards. After Bocelli was unable to attend, Foster had Groban practice the song with Dion instead, and the rehearsal caught the attention of many of the attending celebrities and music executives.

Top Josh Groban Songs:

  • Where You Are - 2002
  • All I Know of Love (w/ Barbra Streisand) - 2002
  • The Prayer (w/ Charlotte Church) - 2002
  • You Raise Me Up - 2004
  • Believe - 2004
  • You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) - 2006


Thanks to Josh Groban’s numerous high profile appearances, he landed a role in the hit TV series Alley McBeal. After a few shows, Groban performed the song “You’re Still You,” and created a huge mainstream buzz as people wondered whom the boy with the amazing voice was. With public demand rapidly rising, Groban released his debut, self-titled album in November 2001. Throughout 2002, Groban made appearances at high profile sporting events and talk shows, and eventually was voted by People Magazine as the "Sexiest Newcomer of The Year."

In November 2003, Josh Groban released his sophomore album Closer. The album contained the single “You Raise Me Up” which has become Groban’s career defining song and is seen by many as his best to date. The set became a worldwide smash and was one of the top 3 selling albums of the year in the US. Closer sold strong through the holiday season of 2004 when Groban made an appearance on the soundtrack of the Christmas film The Polar Express performing the hit single “Believe.”

After some time out of the spotlight, Josh Groban returned with a new album titled Awake in November 2006 that debuted near the top of the albums chart. The album was preceded by the single “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up).” A massive worldwide tour was planned for early 2007.

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