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Top 100 Christmas Songs

Pop Performances


51. "Merry Christmas, Baby" - Christina Aguilera (2000)

Christina Aguilera
Photo by Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

"Merry Christmas, Baby" was written by the Beach Boys' leader Brian Wilson and recorded by the group in 1964. Christina Aguilera turned in a soulful version for David Letterman with Dr. John on the piano.

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52. "What Child Is This?" - Charlotte Church (2000)

Charlotte Church - Dream a Dream
Courtesy Sony

"What Child This?" dates back to 1865. It was reportedly inspired by a near-death experience of the author of the lyrics William Chatterton Dix. 14 year old operatic singer Charlotte Church included the classic on her Christmas-themed album Dream a Dream.

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53. "Little Saint Nick" - The Beach Boys (1963)

Beach Boys - Christmas With the Beach Boys
Courtesy Capitol

The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson wanted his own Christmas classic. "Little Saint Nick" was released in late 1963 and has been a holiday favorite ever since.

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54. "Christmas Is All Around" - Billy Mack (2003)

Love Actually
Courtesy Universal

Billy Mack is a character in the film Love, Actually portrayed by British actor Bill Nighy. His song "Christmas Is All Around" is a holiday variant on the Troggs' classic 60's hit "Love Is All Around." In the movie, Billy Mack refers to the recording as a "festering turd of a record."

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55. "Run Rudolph Run" - Hanson (1997)

Hanson - Snowed In
Courtesy Island

In the late 1950's Chuck Berry recorded his own song about Rudolph the reindeer. The Hanson brothers revived the song on their 1997 Christmas collection Snowed In.

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56. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" - Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson (2004)

Jessica Simpson - Rejoyce
Courtesy Columbia

The inclusion of this Frank Loesser song in the movie Neptune's Daughter earned the songwriter an Academy Award for Best Song in 1949. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson turned in their own sweetly romantic version in 2004.

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57. "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)" - The Ramones (1989)

The Ramones - Brain Drain
Courtesy Sire Records

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members the Ramones had moved past their pioneering punk days, but remained a force to be reckoned with when this holiday tune was included on their Brain Drain album.

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58. "Marshmallow World" - Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra (1966)

Dean Martin - Christmas With Dino
Courtesy Capitol

Although the song was first written in 1949, it became a signature song for Dean Martin in the 1960's.

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59. "O Come All Ye Faithful" - Twisted Sister (2006)

Twisted Sister - A Twisted Christmas
Courtesy Razor & Tie

This Christmas hymn dates to the mid-1700's and is often performed in Latin as "Adeste Fidelis." Heavy metal band Twisted Sister, superstars of the mid 1980's, included this decidedly different version of the song on their 2006 Christmas comeback.

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60. "Up on the Housetop" - Jackson 5 (1970)

Jackson 5 - Ultimate Christmas Collection
Courtesy Motown

This Christmas song about Santa Claus dates back to 1860. The Jackson 5 chose to include the child-friendly carol on their 1970 Christmas album.

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