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Top 10 New Pop Christmas Albums 2009


Each year many new albums of Christmas music are released. This year's releases range from a collection from an American Idol to albums by legendary singer-songwriters. These are the 10 most eagerly awaited new pop Christmas albums for 2009.

1. David Archuleta - 'Christmas From the Heart'

David Archuleta - Christmas From the Heart
Courtesy Jive Records

David Archuleta's second studio album is a Christmas collection. His warm, inviting voice would seem a perfect match for holiday music. The album includes a duet with Charice and a new Christmas song "Melodies of Christmas" written by David, his father Jeff Archuleta and two other songwriters.

In stores October 13, 2009.

2. Sting - 'If on a Winter's Night...'

Sting - If On a Winter's Night...
Courtesy Deutsche Grammaphon

Sting's new release is a collection of songs meant to conjure up the winter or "season of spirits." He takes traditional British carols and lullabies as a starting point. A wide range of guest instrumentalists are featured playing such traditional instruments as Northumbrian pipes and metal string Scottish harp.

In stores October 27, 2009.

3. Bob Dylan - 'Christmas in the Heart'

Bob Dylan - Christmas In the Heart
Courtesy Sony

The latest studio album from the legendary Bob Dylan is a collection of holiday classics. All proceeds from this album go to Feeding America to help feed people in need across the US.

In stores October 13, 2009.

4. Andrea Bocelli - 'My Christmas'

Andrea Bocelli - My Christmas
Courtesy Philips

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is tremendously popular around the world. This is his first holiday collection. His songs will be a major part of an upcoming PBS holiday special.

In stores Novmeber 3, 2009.

5. Neil Diamond - 'A Cherry Cherry Christmas'

Neil Diamond - A Cherry Cherry Christmas
Courtesy Columbia

Neil Diamond has experienced a tremendous resurgence in popularity in recent years. This is his third holiday collection and includes the original song "A Cherry Cherry Christmas" that references a number of his past hits.

In stores October 13, 2009.

6. Jackson 5 - 'Ultimate Christmas Collection'

Jackson 5 - Ultimate Christmas Collection
Courtesy Motown

This collection includes the original 1970 Jackson 5 Christmas album plus loads of extras including a rare unreleased Michael Jackson Christmas song.

In stores October 13, 2009.

7. Michael McDonald - 'This Christmas'

Michael McDonald - This Christmas
Courtesy Razor & Tie

This is the third holiday collection to be released by blue-eyed soul master Michael McDonald.

Released September 29, 2009.

8. Straight No Chaser - 'Christmas Cheers'

Straight No Chaser - Christmas Cheers
Courtesy Warner Brothers / Elektra / Atlantic

Originally formed at Indiana University in 1996, Straight No Chaser is one of the most popular a capella singing groups.

In stores November 3, 2009.

9. Sugarland - 'Gold and Green'

Sugarland - Gold and Green
Courtesy Mercury Nashville

This is the first Christmas album from country duo Sugarland. It includes five original songs.

In stores October 13, 2009.

10. Irish Tenors - 'Irish Tenors Christmas'

Irish Tenors - Irish Tenors Christmas
Courtesy Razor & Tie

The trio of Irish tenors have reached tremendous popularity through a series of PBS shows. They now lend their voices to a collection of holiday songs.

In stores October 6, 2009.

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