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Jessie J


Jessie J performs live on the 4 Music stage
Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Early Life and Career:

Jessica Cornish, aka Jessie J, was born March 27, 1988 in London, England. She wrote her first song, "Big White Room," at age 17. It was about being hospitalized at age 11 and sharing a room with a younger boy who eventually died. She signed a contract with the label Gut Records and toured with a number of high profiled pop, soul, and hip hop artists. However, Gut Records closed their doors before releasing any of Jessie J's music.

Jessie J's Songwriting Success:

Jessie J also signed a publishing contract with Sony ATV, and she set about to gain songwriting success. She worked writing music for Chris Brown and others. Then the opportunity came to co-write the song "Party In the USA." Miley Cyrus recorded the song and it hit #2 in the US giving Jessie J a significant break in the business.

Awards and Hit Singles:

Following the songwriting success Jessie J signed a worldwide recording contract with the Universal Music Group. Her first single "Do It Like a Dude," a song originally intended for Rihanna, was released in November 2010 in the UK. It promptly hit #2 on the UK pop singles chart. At the end of the year Jessie J topped the BBC's Sound of 2011 list, and then it was announced that she would receive the Brit Awards Critics' Choice honor. A second single "Price Tag," with a featured rap from B.o.B. and produced by Dr. Luke, appeared in January 2011. It debuted at #1 on the UK pop singles chart and became Jessie's J first release to break into the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. Her debut album Who You Are will hit stores in the UK at the end of February and in the US in April.

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