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Jennifer Lopez - "On the Floor" featuring Pitbull

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Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull -

Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull - "On the Floor"

Courtesy Island Def Jam

The Bottom Line


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Jennifer Lopez has returned with her best dance-pop single in a long time. The production here from RedOne is not particularly original, but it is very easy to like. Her high profile position as a new judge on American Idol should help Jennifer Lopez with a major pop comeback. Look for parties to be enlivened by "On the Floor" for months to come.


  • Jennifer Lopez' authoritative party leading vocals
  • Irresistible dance-pop groove
  • Small touch of the exotic


  • Lack of originality


  • Written by Chico de Oliveira, Nadir Khayat, and Armando Perez
  • Produced by RedOne
  • Released February 2011 by Island Def Jam

Guide Review - Jennifer Lopez - "On the Floor" featuring Pitbull

It sounds like producer RedOne has been listening to Edward Maya's hit single "Stereo Love," and that is not a bad thing. It has helped add in just enough of a touch of the exotic to keep this breezy record interesting. Toss in a featured rap from the ubiquitous Pitbull, and Jennifer Lopez has the perfect atmosphere in which to shine.

There is nothing original at all in these lyrics that simply celebrate the party with everything put out "on the floor." However, Jennifer Lopez sings with an authority in her voice that makes her completely convincing as the party leader. This is a record and party ready to take off, and if you miss it, then it is your loss.

It has been six years since Jennifer Lopez has had a single take off like this one in both sales and radio airplay. Certainly the new gig as American Idol judge has helped. However, "On the Floor" stands on its own as celebratory dance-pop. Great memories are flooding back of the first Jennifer Lopez hits "Waiting For Tonight" and "If You Had My Love." Look for "On the Floor" to land in the pop top 10.

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