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Jennifer Lopez - "I'm Into You" featuring Lil Wayne

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Jennifer Lopez -

Jennifer Lopez - "I'm Into You" featuring Lil Wayne

Courtesy Island Def Jam

The Bottom Line

From the sound of this single it looks like Jennifer Lopez is planning to extend her pop comeback a bit longer. It boasts an instantly catchy hook courtesy Taio Cruz and Stargate. Lil Wayne stops in for a clean, pop friendly rap, and, with a charming slinkiness to the production, the overall impact is good, clean, dancefloor fun. This will please Jennifer Lopez fans.


  • The charm in Jennifer Lopez' voice
  • Clean, uncluttered rap from Lil Wayne
  • Spare backing beat


  • Repetitive and fluffy, but those aren't necessarily all bad here


  • Written by Taio Cruz, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, and Dwayne Carter
  • Produced by Stargate
  • Released April 2011 by Island Def Jam

Guide Review - Jennifer Lopez - "I'm Into You" featuring Lil Wayne

"I'm Into You" is the single that proves "On the Floor" was no fluke. She may have gotten a publicity boost from her American Idol gig, but Jennifer Lopez is a very appealing pop vocalist all on her own. She hooks up here with Stargate for production, a Taio Cruz boost on songwriting, and a clean uncluttered rap from Lil Wayne. The result is stripped down pop-dance fun.

After the long history of Stargate's collaboration with Rihanna, it is not a surprise that "I'm Into You" bears more than a passing resemblance to a number of her past hits. However, Jennifer Lopez has a mellifluous quality to her voice that is all her own. There is an indescribable charm to her singing that matches her personality. In direct contrast to his very sexually explicit material, here Lil Wayne engages pop fans with the distinctive sound of his rapping. "I'm Into You" bounces effortlessly between Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne over a spare beat.

Jennifer Lopez' seventh studio album Love? has been delayed multiple times from its initial planned release date of January 2010. However, after initial singles "Louboutins" and "Fresh Out the Oven" struggled on the charts, Jennifer Lopez left her association with Epic Records and the whole project seemed in doubt. Along came a new contract with Island Def Jam and the top 5 smash pop hit "On the Floor." Everything now seems on target for a May 3, 2011 release date for Love? "I'm Into You" continues the biggest pop comeback story of 2011 so far.

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