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Annie Lennox


Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox

Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images

Birth and Education:

Annie Lennox was born December 25, 1954 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She studied classical music, playing both flute and piano. Lennox earned a scholarship to attend the Royal Academy of Music, but she dropped out just before completing her program. After leaving school, Annie Lennox began seeking out standard jobs around London during the day and singing opportunities at night.


In the late 1970's Annie Lennox met guitar player Dave Stewart. The pair formed the band the Tourists and Lennox was lead singer for 3 years with mild success. In 1980 Stewart and Lennox disbanded the Tourists and formed their own act Eurythmics. The synth pop of Eurythmics was successful around the world. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," "Here Comes the Rain Again," and "Would I Lie to You?" were all top 10 pop hits in the US.

Emergence as a Solo Artist:

By the end of the 1980's, the personal and professional relationship between Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart became strained. After the 1990 album We Too Are One, Lennox choose to take a break to have a baby and reconsider the direction of her career. She left the spotlight nearly completely until the 1992 release of her solo debut.

Quote from Annie Lennox:

In an interview with Billboard on her influences before the formation of the Tourists and later Eurythmics:

"So I was really a hybrid between Stevie Wonder and Joni Mitchell, walking the streets as a singer/songwriter, but nobody knew it but me."


Released in 1992, the first solo Annie Lennox album, Diva, was a critical and commercial success. It presented her as an elegant, but still edgy, performer. "Walking on Broken Glass," "Why," and "Little Bird" were all top 10 pop singles in the UK. The album's elaborate photography was created by Anton Corbijn, famed as primary photographer for Depeche Mode and U2.

Top Annie Lennox Pop Hits:

  • 1992 - Why
  • 1992 - Walking on Broken Glass
  • 1993 - Little Bird
  • 1995 - No More I Love Yous
  • 2003 - Pavement Cracks
  • 2007 - Dark Road


Following the release of Diva, Annie Lennox maintained a low public profile. This was primarily due to her decision to raise her 2 daughters away from the glare of outside attention. In 1995 her second solo album, Medusa, a collection of covers, was released. Again, the critical reception was strong. However, outside of the single "No More I Love Yous," which won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Female Vocal Performance, the album had little commercial success in the US.

Eurythmics Reunited and Bare:

By the end of the 1990's, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart were reconsidering their decision to disband Eurythmics. At the urging of their record label, the pair got together to record new material which resulted in the 1999 album Peace. The first single, "I Saved the World Today," nearly reached the top 10 in the UK, and a remixed version of "17 Again" became the duo's first #1 dance hit in the US. Annie Lennox continued her solo career as well releasing Bare in 2003.

Songs of Mass Destruction:

In recent years Annie Lennox has received significant acclaim for her work on humanitarian projects, particularly those that involved improving life for children around the world. She has continued to record and perform with Dave Stewart as Eurythmics. They released the new single "I've Got a Life" in 2005 as part of the career retrospective album Ultimate Collection. In 2007 Annie Lennox released her 3rd solo album Songs of Mass Destruction. It includes material that addresses such international issues as global warming, AIDS, Iraq, and poverty.

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