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Michael Buble - Christmas

Old-Fashioned In the Best Sense

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Michael Buble - Christmas

Michael Buble - Christmas

Courtesy Reprise

Michael Buble's first full-length Christmas album is old-fashioned in the best possible sense. He will be featured in an NBC Christmas TV special in December, and this collection does sound like the soundtrack to a classic holiday production. There is a bit of swing here, contemporary pop there, and a few special guests sprinkled around. Christmas is the top new holiday collection for 2011 and will appeal to the broadest possible audience as soundtrack to your Christmas celebrations or simply to accompany holiday decorating or giftwrapping.

Michael Buble Reworking Christmas Classics

Michael Buble reworks a wide range of Christmas classics here in his lightly swinging, pop standard style. However, one of the true standouts is his version of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The Motown influences of the original are stripped out in favor of a traditional, keyboard-based pop ballad treatment. The result is another taste of Michael Buble as contemporary pop singer delivering a surprising amount of emotional intensity.

"Silent Night" showcases just how simply beautiful Michael Buble's vocal delivery can be. The opening "It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas" will please long-term Michael Buble fans as will the gender reversal on "Santa Baby (in this case 'buddy')." Michael Buble will bring out a smile if not a few good-natured chuckles while you listen.

Solid Guest List

As one would expect on this type of Christmas album, there is a solid short list of three guest artists. First up is the English-Italian trio the Puppini Sisters. They collaborate on a hot swinging version of "Jingle Bells." The holiday spirit positively sparkles here.

The second guest artist is Shania Twain. She steps completely out of the country realm to croon along with Michael Buble on "White Christmas." It is a superstar Canadian duet, and fans of both artists will likely enjoy the pair.

Finally, Latin star Thalia joins Michael Buble for what may be a surprise to listeners. They deliver a grand closing production of "Feliz Navidad." Chorus and strings join the singers and classical guitar in a sweeping performance that provides a pleasing conclusion to this outstanding new holiday album.

Top Tracks On 'Christmas'

  • "Jingle Bells" featuring the Puppini Sisters
  • "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
  • "Santa Baby"
  • "Silent Night"
  • "Feliz Navidad" duet with Thalia

Michael Buble Delivers a New Holiday Classic

Make room among your holiday purchases for some new Christmas music, and put Michael Buble at the top of your list. Most pop music fans will not be disappointed regardless of their favorite genre of music. For those familiar with Michael Buble and long-term fans, this is the type of Christmas collection you would expect with a few surprises tucked in. If you have not yet discovered him, or turned away from his delivery of pop standards, this is an album to check out. You will hear more versatility than you expected and a winning holiday spirit.

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