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K'Naan - "Is Anybody Out There" featuring Nelly Furtado

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K'Naan - More Beautiful Than Silence

K'Naan - More Beautiful Than Silence

Courtesy A&M / Octone

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"Is Anybody Out There" reminds me just how much I've missed the voice of Nelly Furtado. Without introduction, she kicks off this new song from K'Naan. His raps detail the stories of lonely people in the world while Nelly Furtado sings a plea for finding others needing the comfort of belonging. An upbeat production ultimately provides comfort for that sense of being alone in a crowded world.


  • Nelly Furtado's vocals
  • Ultimately reassuring lyrics
  • Understated arrangement


  • Perhaps a bit lighter weight sound than the words demand


  • Written by Keinan Abdi Warsame
  • Produced by Chuck Harmony
  • Released January 2012 by A&M / Octone

Guide Review - K'Naan - "Is Anybody Out There" featuring Nelly Furtado

For fans of Gym Class Heroes' Travie McCoy and his upbeat work both with the band and solo, K'Naan's new "Is Anybody Out There" will be familiar territory. K'Naan describes the plight of lonely individuals but ultimately "Is Anybody Out There" provides comfort and reassurance to continue on. Nelly Furtado is on hand to provide pop hooks. This all-Canadian effort may just be the ticket to top 40 pop success in the US for K'naan.

Chimes, strings, and marching band drums provide a backing mix that gives gravity to "Is Anybody Out There." However, the song does not bog down in weightiness and maintains a light touch. The song reaches its climax when Nelly Furtado's vocals take flight on the bridge. She released the Latin album Mi Plan back in 2009, but it has been nearly six years since her massive mainstream pop hit album Loose. Nelly Furtado has announced that her next solo album T.S.I. will be released this summer, so "Is Anybody Out There" provides a strong reminder of her talents as we gear up for her next full-length effort.

"Is Anybody Out There" provides an introduction for K'Naan's EP More Beautiful Than Silence. He also promises his next full-length studio album will be released later this spring. K'Naan remains best known for his worldwide smash hit single "Wavin' Flag." "Is Anybody Out There" is a perfect opportunity for the Somali born rapper, singer, and songwriter to move forward and share his talents with a broader pop audience. "Is There Anybody Out There" provides a warm, cozy antidote to a long, lonely winter.

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