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OneRepublic - "Good Life"

Single Number Three from OneRepublic's Second CD May Be Their Best Yet

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OneRepublic -

OneRepublic "Good Life"

Courtesy Mosley/Interscope Records

When a record company considers what singles to release from a record, the strongest song on the CD usually leads the way, but occasionally a strong song is held back to help extend the sales of a CD. For OneRepublic, their second CD Waking Up started off with the slow-burning "All the Right Moves," built momentum with "Secrets," and then came their third single "Good Life." Is "Good Life" a good or a great single? Find out in our review of OneRepublic's "Good Life."

Borderless Lyrics

The lyrics of "Good Life" tell the story about how the narrator feels blessed because of the places he's travelled to and the experiences he has encountered. If there is any question that the song is autobiographical for OneRepublic, all one needs to do to be sure is check the lyrics: 

"To my friends in New York I say hello 
My friends in LA they don't know 
Where I've been for the past few years or so 
Paris, to China to Colorado"

OneRepublic's origins include both Colorado and Los Angeles, but the song focuses more on where the band has travelled to instead of where they have come from. While the meaning of the song is very clear, the song resonates on both a literal and an interpretive level, since anyone can relate to lyrics like "what the hell is there to complain about" at some point in their lives.

Special Delivery

Not only does "Good Life" have lyrics that anyone can relate to, it also has a unique musical delivery that allows the song to stand out on a radio full of same-sounding songs. Lead songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder has a knack for pulling in musical elements not normally found on a mainstream pop song, and he utilizes that knack by layering in drums that give the song a marching feel combined with a haunting whistle. Add in Ryan Tedder's rapping-singing hybrid on the verses, and you have a record that sounds like nothing else out in the pop world at the moment. It's this uniqueness that helps OneRepublic songs endure for months at pop radio instead of weeks, staying on listeners' minds much longer than they would expect.

What's the Verdict?

OneRepublic released an alternate version of "Good Life" that featured successful rapper B.o.B while the song was already climbing the charts. If the addition of a rap to the song increases the potential audience that gets to experience "Good Life," then it will be doing the listening public a favor. However, for people who have already fallen for "Good Life," the rap may feel a bit unnecessary attached to a pop song many consider great on its own merits. No matter which version someone chooses, they will be hard-pressed to find a pop song more uplifting and joyful than "Good Life."

User Reviews

Reviews for this section have been closed.

 5 out of 5
As far as music goes, this song is my true love, Member MessengerOfDreams

Wow, what an absolute delight it is to see this gaining such traction and popularity. I heard the album when it first came out after being insanely impressed with Dreaming Out Loud, OneRepublic's first album. Immediately this song caught my attention and it didn't take that long for it to be on obsessive replay on my mp3 player. I was hoping it would be the next single after ""All The Right Moves,"" another impressive song. As much as I loved ""Secrets"" I was disappointed that from the looks of it OneRepublic wasn't going to release Good Life, and that if they did it wouldn't get much traction nearly two years after the album's release. I'm exceedingly glad to see it has. You were right, Mr. Lamb, that today a lot of pop seems to be repeats of each other, and to be frank I have a hard time telling many songs apart, which is why I love OneRepublic- they claim to be genre-less and that's what I've always loved about them- they stay far away from the norm. Good Life is the best example of their avant-garde style. One of their best traits is their great percussion arrangements- as a casual African Drummer, I always value a good percussion, something often overlooked in most songs in general. This is perhaps their best example yet next to All The Right Moves, and I find myself clapping to the catchy rythmn regardless of where I am. And really, it's good to have an anthem for my own outlook on life- although I can't say it voices my opinions as much inspired me and gave me that outlook in the first place. The lyrics speak a sort of lesson or moral but not directly. From the scenic, visual first verse to the last ""tell me what there's to complain about"" there's a passionate, skillful storytelling that serves as an example from the master to all songwriters or even storytellers such as myself. They speak the point through example and experience, not as a teacher to a student. You see this man living a good life through his own chair and you want to be him. As far as musical elements go, they are sparse and superb as well. The choral backdrop, simple yet elegant, and the happy go lucky whistle and the simple acoustic guitar make a gorgeous beat that you rarely see anyone else trying, if anyone else. As stated before, you can see the same synthesized beat anywhere, but you rarely see such innovation or risk-taking in popular music anymore, or even indie music. OneRepublic simply doesn't follow any trends. Also, I think I'd love to see this song a cappella. Ah, well, the Sing-Off is only a few months away. Truly, this is definitely the best song on the radio and possibly the best song I've heard. It's one of the few I've kept on my mp3 player since the first time I've heard it a year and a half ago, and I still replay it constantly. I've shared it with all my friends and encouraged them to do the same. I even 'adopted the video' and constantly post on Youtube for viewers to share it with everyone in order to get it more popular. In a way, it may have paid off. It's great to see it doing well- songs like these deserve the good rap. Speaking of rap, B.o.B. is one of my favorite rappers and he's perfect to do the remix with his lyrics in there, and they are well done. A dream collaboration, if you ask me. Whether it adds or does nothing depends on your preference- B.o.B.'s verses and OneRepublic's bridge are both very brilliant- can't say I prefer one or the other. I'm thrilled to see this got five stars. It deserves every one of them and possibly a sixth. Also glad to see this is one of the top 10 songs of the year thus far and hope that it will be one of the top 10 at the end of the year as well. Cheers to a good life and good music! MoD/Cameron

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