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Top 10 Hot Pop Songs October 15, 2013


These are the hottest 10 pop songs of the week as determined by About Top 40. This chart is compiled consulting data from various music industry charts and sources. It is intended to indicate the hottest rising hits. Recordings that have reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart are disqualified from this chart.

1. Britney Spears - "Work B**ch!"

Britney Spears - "Work B**ch!"
Courtesy RCA

Britney Spears revealed this week that the title of her upcoming album will be Britney Jean.  It is scheduled to hit stores December 3, 2013.  "Work B**ch!" is a top 5 pop hit single in Canada.  It is scheduled to be released in the UK November 3, 2013.


2. Imagine Dragons - "Demons"

Imagine Dragons - Demons
Courtesy Interscope

Imagine Dragons have announced an arena concert tour that is set to launch in February 2014.  The current single "Demons"has reached the top 5 on both the alternative songs and rock songs charts.  It is already certified platinum for sales just as it is starting to make major progress on mainstream pop charts.

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3. Passenger - "Let Her Go"

Passenger - Let Her Go
Courtesy Warner Bros.

Michael David Rosenberg, aka Passenger, was the leader of a band named Passenger.  The group released one album but then broke up in 2009.  At that point Rosenberg chose to continue performing and recording under the name Passenger.  "Let Her Go" is his first major hit single having topped pop singles charts in many countries around the world.

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4. Justin Timberlake - "TKO"

Justin Timberlake - "TKO"
Courtesy RCA

"TKO" is the second single from  Justin Timberlake's album The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2.  "Take Back the Night," the first, stalled after climbing into the top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100.  "TKO" is swiftly making progress on the mainstream pop radio chart.  The album The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 hit #1 on the album chart. 


5. OneRepublic - "Counting Stars"

OneRepublic - "Counting Stars"
Courtesy Interscope

"Counting Stars" has become a major international pop hit single for the band OneRepublic.  It has gone all the way to #1 in the UK.  That makes it the group's first #1 pop hit single in the UK.  Here in the US the song is a top 10 succes on the adult pop radio chart.

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6. Selena Gomez - "Slow Down"

Selena Gomez - Stars Dance
Courtesy Hollywood

"Slow Down" is the second pop hit single from the Selena Gomez album Stars Dance.  It has become a major dance hit topping the dance club chart.  "Slow Down" is nearing the top 10 on the mainstream pop radio chart.  The album Stars Dance became Selena Gomez' first #1 hit on the album chart.

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7. Bruno Mars - "Gorilla"

Bruno Mars - "Gorilla"
Courtesy Atlantic

Bruno Mars released the steamy music video to accompany "Gorilla" today.  He is scheduled to perform next year's Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 2, 2014.  "Gorilla" has reached the top 40 on the adult pop songs radio chart while climbing into the top 15 at mainstream pop radio.


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8. Paramore - "Still Into You"

Paramore - Paramore
Courtesy Fueled By Ramen

The pop rock sound of "Still Into You" has allowed Paramore to cross genre boundaries.  They have found a strong audience at adult pop radio.  "Still Into You" is a top 20 hit there as well as rising into the top 10 with rock radio audiences.  The album Paramore that includes "Still Into You" became the band's first chart topping collection back in April.

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9. Rihanna - "What Now"

Rihanna - What Now
Courtesy Def Jam

"What Now" is a song from Rihanna's album Unapologetic.  It is a piano ballad, but it has been turned into a dance hit in remixed versions.  An official music video to accompany the song is expected later this month.

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10. Travie McCoy - "Rough Water" featuring Jason Mraz

Travie McCoy - "Rough Water" featuring Jason Mraz
Courtesy Fueled By Ramen

Travie McCoy's solo career began with a bang when he released the single "Billionaire."  He is still looking for a true follow up hit.  "Rough Water" is already his second highest charting song on the mainstream pop radio chart.


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