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Plain White T's


Plain White T's

Plain White T's

© Hollywood Records

Formation of Plain White T's and Influences:

Plain White T's lead vocalist Tom Higgenson originally set out to be a drummer in high school and was a member of various bands. However, when Plain White T's first came together in the late 90's Higgenson took over songwriting and singing duties for the band. Bassist Ken Fletcher and drummer Dave Tirio came on board and the band began performing around the Chicago area. Higgenson counted U2, the Police, Beatles, Tom Petty, and Michael Jackson among the band's wide range of influences.

Band Members:

  • Tom Higgenson
  • Dave Tirio
  • Mike Retondo
  • De'Mar Hamilton
  • Tim Lopez

Quote from Plain White T's Tom Higgenson:

From an interview with TruePunk.com.

"We're not really too worried about being involved in some scene. We're just trying to make the best music we can, and hope that people understand and appreciate what we're doing."

Life Changing Accident:

In the summer of 1999, Plain White T's lead singer Tom Higgenson was in a near fatal car accident which left him with a ruptured kidney and lacerated lung. With a reinforced appreciation for life, Higgenson committed himself even more deeply to songwriting and the success of the band.

Signed to Hollywood Records:

Plain White T's self-released their first album Come On Over in 2000. It gained the band enough notice that they were signed to indie label Fearless for the album Stop, released in 2002. With extensive touring to spread word about the band, All That We Needed came out in 2005 and appeared briefly on national charts. The album included the band's future hit "Hey There Delilah." Prior to the band's fourth album, they signed a contract with Hollywood Records that would bring Plain White T's even greater exposure.

Pop Breakthrough:

The acoustic ballad "Hey There Delilah" stood out with fans of the Plain White T's. In May, 2006, Fearless Records released a Hey There Delilah EP that included a live version of the song. When the band's first album with Hollywood Records, Every Second Counts, appeared in the fall of 2006 it included "Hey There Delilah" as well. By the spring of 2007, the song had become the band's first top 40 pop hit. It went clear to the top of the charts over the summer. Plain White T's hit the road in the fall as part of the Young Wild Things tour.

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