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Top 10 Katy Perry Songs

The Best Of Her Hits


Katy Perry first hit pop singles charts in the summer of 2008 with her breakthrough #1 hit "I Kissed a Girl." Since then she has become one of the world's top female pop vocalists with six #1 hit singles and some of the top selling digital songs of all time. This is a guide to her top 10 best songs.

1. "Firework" - 2010 - #1

Katy Perry Firework
Courtesy Capitol Records

Katy Perry views "Firework" as her most important song from the album Teenage Dream. It is a self-esteem anthem that reached the top 5 of the pop singles chart in at least 20 countries around the world. "Firework" was co-written and co-produced by Stargate and Sandy Vee with Ester Dean helping out on the songwriting. It has sold over five million digital copies and is nominated for Grammy Awards for Best Pop Solo Performance and Record of the Year.

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2. "E.T." featuring Kanye West - 2011 - #1

Katy Perry - "E.T." featuring Kanye West
Courtesy Capitol Records

Katy Perry's "E.T." is a collaboration with Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Ammo. Katy Perry has said the song is about falling in love with a foreigner. Kanye West's featured rap provoked mixed opinions from reviewers, but "E.T." turned into a smash fourth hit single from the album Teenage Dream. It spent five weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold over five million copies.

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3. "Roar" - 2013 - #1

Katy Perry - "Roar"
Courtesy Capitol

"Roar" was released as the first single from Katy Perry's album Prism. With just enough variety compared with her earlier hits, the song quickly rushed to #1 on pop charts.  "Roar" received strong praise for its inspirational lyrics.

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4. "Hot 'n Cold" - 2008 - #3

Katy Perry - One of the Boys
Courtesy Capitol Records

Although it only peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, over time "Hot 'n Cold" has become the signature hit from Katy Perry's breakthrough album One Of the Boys. It spent 18 weeks in the top 10 surpassing the 14 weeks spent by "I Kissed a Girl." A centerpiece of the song is the clever use of opposites to illustrate romantic instability. "Hot 'n Cold" received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal and has sold over five million copies.

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5. "Teenage Dream" - 2010 - #1

Katy Perry - "Teenage Dream"
Courtesy Capitol Records

"Teenage Dream" emerged out of a situation in which producer Benny Blanco introduced Katy Perry and songwriter Bonnie McKee to the controversial single "Homecoming" by the French band The Teenagers. They met with Max Martin and Dr. Luke and the song was under way. "Teenage Dream" was praised highly by music critics and went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The performance was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal. Glee covered "Teenage Dream" and went to #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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6. "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J - 2013 - #1

Katy Perry - Dark Horse
Courtesy Capitol

Katy Perry moved into new musical territory on "Dark Horse," the third single from the album Prism.  She used elements of Southern hip hop's trap movement and a darker feel to the overall song.  Despite its predecessor "Unconditionally" missing the top 10, "Dark Horse" became a #1 pop smash.


7. "Wide Awake" - 2012 - #2

Katy Perry - "Wide Awake"
Courtesy Capitol Records

For her second single from the deluxe edition of Teenage Dream, Katy Perry once again addressed her romantic life. This time she discusses what she has learned and how she will move forward feeling, "wide awake." The recording features one of her most mature vocal performances. "Wide Awake" reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance.

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8. "I Kissed a Girl" - 2008 - #1

Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl
Courtesy Capitol Records

Katy Perry says that "I Kissed a Girl" was born out of an idea in her head. She then didn't do anything with the idea for a year and a half until, two days before completing work on her album One Of the Boys, she approached Dr. Luke to turn it into a song. The record label had to be convinced to include the song on Katy Perry's album, because they felt the subject matter would turn off potential fans. "I Kissed a Girl" generated controversy but it was a #1 hit and broke Katy Perry into the pop mainstream. It was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal.

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9. "Part Of Me" - 2012 - #1

Katy Perry - "Part Of Me"
Courtesy Capitol

In the wake of her divorce from Russell Brand, Katy Perry released this potent statement of survival after the failure of a romantic relationship. It was originally written to be part of the album Teenage Dream. Instead, the song was held back and, with a bit of reworking, released as the first single from the deluxe re-release of Teenage Dream. Katy Perry officially introduced it with a live performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

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10. "The One That Got Away" - 2011 - #3

Katy Perry - "The One That Got Away"
Courtesy Capitol

Unfortunately "The One That Got Away" may ultimately be mostly remembered for the efforts of Capitol Records to wring a sixth #1 hit single out of the Teenage Dream album with its release. It is a sad, nostalgic song that stands up quite well on its own. "The One That Got Away" name drops Radiohead and Johnny and June Carter Cash. It did become the seventh #1 dance hit from Teenage Dream which is the most dance #1s ever from an album. "The One That Got Away" was co-written and co-produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke.

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