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Top 10 Calvin Harris Songs


Calvin Harris first gained attention at home in the UK with the debut album that boasted I Created Disco. He does have grounds for claiming that he brought disco back. Today Calvin Harris is a worldwide dance and pop music superstar. These are his 10 best songs.

1. "Feel So Close" (2011)

Calvin Harris
Courtesy Columbia

Although Calvin Harris had claimed he was finished with singing on his records, he returned to the microphone in stunning fashion for "Feel So Close." The towering production and engaging vocals became instant favorites among club DJs around the world. "Feel So Close" became Calvin Harris' first solo pop hit single in the US climbing to #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. Back home in the UK it climbed to #2.

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2. "We Found Love" by Rihanna (2011)

Rihanna - "We Found Love"
Courtesy Def Jam

With growing international buzz at his back Calvin Harris headed to the studio with one of the world's biggest pop stars Rihanna. From the opening synth pattern, "We Found Love" sounds like the massive pop hit it became. It hit #1 on pop charts around the world and made Calvin Harris a household name among pop music fans worldwide.

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3. "I'm Not Alone" (2009)

Calvin Harris - "I'm Not Alone"
Courtesy Columbia

"I'm Not Alone" was the lead single for Calvin Harris' second studio album Ready For the Weekend. He described the song as a combination of light and dark. The dance mix was a distinctive move into contemporary dance pop after the nostalgia of his first album. "I'm Not Alone" was Calvin Harris' first solo #1 pop hit single in the UK and helped Ready For the Weekend hit #1 as well.

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4. "Dance Wiv Me" by Dizzee Rascal featuring Chrome (2008)

Dizzee Rascal - "Dance Wiv Me" featuring Calvin Harris and Chrome
Courtesy Columbia

Calvin Harris connected with UK grime artist Dizzee Rascal for this massive #1 smash hit single. It deftly incorporates elements of both grime and Calvin Harris contemporary dance music. The song was the first #1 hit by Dizzee Rascal and brought him a wider pop fan base.

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5. "Let's Go" featuring Ne-Yo (2012)

Calvin Harris - "Let's Go" featuring Ne-Yo
Courtesy Ultra

Ne-Yo has one of the most engaging soul dance voices in the business. He helped Pitbull earn a #1 hit with "Give Me Everything" and hear his smooth vocals deliver a smash for Calvin Harris. "Let's Go" became his third consecutive #2 pop hit in the UK and his second consecutive top 20 hit in the US.

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6. "Summer" (2014)

Calvin Harris - Summer
Courtesy Columbia

Lyrically there isn't a lot here, but Calvin Harris' voice is the star, and it's joined by a big, synth-drenched disco melody. Summer 2014 pop playlists began here. "Summer" became Calvin Harris' sixth #1 pop hit single in the UK.

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7. "Acceptable In the 80s" (2007)

Calvin Harris - "Acceptable In the 80s"
Courtesy Columbia

Calvin Harris landed in the UK top 10 with his first widely released single. "Acceptable In the 80s" is a tribute to the decade in the title. The synthesizer sounds that squiggle their way through the mix are pure 80s pop. The song was a centerpiece of Calvin Harris' debut album I Created Disco which climbed to #8 on the album chart and was certified gold.

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8. "Bounce" featuring Kelis (2011)

Calvin Harris - "Bounce" featuring Kelis
Courtesy Columbia

"Bounce" was the first single released from what ultimately became Calvin Harris' 18 Months album. It is his third studio album. He stepped away from performing vocals and left that to US soul singer Kelis. The mix is notably deeper and richer than his previous hits. "Bounce" reached #2 on the UK pop singles chart and climbed into the US dance chart.

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9. "Ready For the Weekend" (2009)

Calvin Harris - "Ready For the Weekend"
Courtesy Columbia

Guest vocals here are performed by Mary Pearce who previously worked as a backup vocalist for artists including Lionel Richie and Chaka Khan. The song has a light feel anchored by the diva vocals on the chorus. "Ready For the Weekend" was the second single from the album of the same name, and it peaked at #3 on the UK pop singles chart.

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10. "Sweet Nothing" featuring Florence Welch (2012)

Calvin Harris - "Sweet Nothing" featuring Florence Welch
Courtesy Columbia

Calvin Harris broke into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time as lead artist with this collaboration with Florence Welch, the voice of Florence and the Machine. Calvin Harris stated that he was very interested in working with Florence Welch, but he had some difficulty tracking her down due to her busy schedule. "Sweet Nothing" was a #1 dance hit in both the US and the UK. It broke Calvin Harris' string of #2 hits on the pop chart in the UK and went to #1.

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