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Pop Music 101

Pop music basics are explained. This is the starting point for a pop fan. It is also the place for seasoned fans to return to learn even more.
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What Is Pop Music?
Pop music defined. The difference between pop and popular music is explored as well as elements that make up pop music.

What Does Top 40 Mean?
The definition of top 40, its history and current status in the world of pop music. The history of top 40 back to the early 1950s is discussed.

How To Read the Billboard Pop Charts
The Billboard pop music charts are the most respected and reliable in the music business. However, reading them for the first time can be confusing. This is a quick guide to understanding what the charts mean.

What is Adult Contemporary Music?
This article is a description of Adult Contemporary music, including the types of music and artists that fall into this category.

K-Pop or Korean Pop Music is profiled from its origins to becoming an international phenomenon. Key artists are listed as well as the development of manufactured pop in Korea.

Interscope Records
Interscope Records is one of the biggest music industry success stories of the 1990s and early 2000s. It was formed by producer Jimmy Iovine and has grown into as one of the most influential of pop music labels.

Top 10 Top 40 / Pop Radio Stations
List of 10 of the best top 40 / pop radio sations. All are available for listening online. Internet and satellite based stations are included along with traditional radio.

What is Adult Pop Music?
This article is a description of Adult Pop music, including the artists and musical styles that are aligned with this musical format.

20 Events That Changed Pop Music
20 events that changed the course of pop music.

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