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Top 10 Top 40 / Pop Radio Stations


Radio is an integral part of the top 40 and pop music world. This is a list of 10 of the best radio stations for top 40 and pop music. All are available for listening online. Internet and satellite based stations are included along with traditional radio.

1. KIIS - Los Angeles

Courtesy KIIS FM

KIIS of Los Angeles is probably best known as the radio home of Ryan Seacrest. It is also boasts one of the largest audiences of any pop radio station in the U.S. and frequently hosts major artists as on-air guests.

Listen Live

2. Z100 - New York

Courtesy Z100

Z100 is the top pop radio sation in one of the world's largest radio markets.

Listen Live

3. BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1
Courtesy BBC

The BBC's radio voice is a key player in what music becomes popular in the UK. Thankfully, the djs and personalities of BBC Radio often have flawless taste in pop music.

Listen Live

4. Star 94 - Atlanta

Star 94
Courtesy Star 94

Star 94 is a flagship pop radio station for the south.

Listen Live

5. XM Top 20 on 20

XM Top 20 on 20
Courtesy Sirius XM

This is the only station in this list that requires a paid subscription for listening. However, it is a fascinating service you receive when you join. This is the only major radio station that incorporates live voting on what music is hot to determine the playlist. Top 20 on 20 is included in the suite of stations available to Internet-based listeners of XM.

Subscribe to XM Radio

6. Yahoo! LaunchCast Pop

Yahoo! Music
Courtesy Yahoo!

Yahoo's radio stations are rather staid and no-frills, but they continue to deliver solid programming that can be modified based on your personal tastes. A free Yahoo! account gets you access to the main pop stations. A paid membership gets you access to a wider range of radio stations.

Yahoo! LaunchCast Radio

7. Rockland USA Pop Rock

Rockland USA
Courtesy Rockland USA

Live365 is the leader in homemade Internet-based radio stations. This is one of the best of the pop-oriented stations. It also includes a bit of rock which is missing from many mainstream pop stations today. Click on the logo to play.

Rockland USA Pop Rock

8. KISS 108 - Boston

KISS 108
Courtesy KISS 108

Boston's KISS 108 began as one of the country's top disco radio stations in the late 1970's. Fortunately for the station's long-term existence they evolved into a top 40 station. Click on the Listen Live button in the upper right of the station's home page.

Listen Live

9. Z103.5 - Toronto

Courtesy Z103.5

Canada loves pop radio, too.

Listen Live

10. Star Radio Top 40 Hits

Star Radio
Courtesy Star Radio

This is another leader among Live365's pop radio stations. Star Radio specializes in a mix of pop music from the US as well as a number of European countries.

Star Radio Top 40 Hits

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