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Mariah Carey 'Emotions'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Mariah Carey's Emotions


The Bottom Line

With this album Mariah proved the smash hit success of her first album was no fluke. Basically the same formula was used with just a little bit of tightening to make it a second album that was even better than the first.
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  • The deliriously joyful high notes on "Emotions"
  • Proof the first album was no fluke
  • The gospel influence on "If It's Over"


  • Occasional vocal range overkill
  • Mostly lightweight, fluffy songs


  • Tight production and performances sparkle.
  • Mariah's vocal range here is stunning.
  • The string of #1 hit singles was extended by this album to 5 - an all-time record for a new artist.

Guide Review - Mariah Carey 'Emotions'

After the massive success of Mariah Carey's first album that spawned 4 #1 pop hit singles, audiences were eager to find out if she was for real. This album eliminated any doubts about her status as one of the top pop vocalists of the 1990's.

If anything, this album tightened up some of the loose ends from the first and delivered a very tight collection of uptempo dance music with soulful ballads. The title song is one of Mariah's catchiest songs complete with upper range vocal excursions that can give a listener chills. This album is a showcase for her vocal talent.

"Emotions," the title track of the album, extended Mariah's streak of #1 singles to 5. No other recording artist has topped the pop singles chart with their first 5 singles. Every song here is worth hearing and some, like "Emotions" and the gospel-inflected "If It's Over" stand with Mariah Carey's best.

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