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Mariah Carey 'Music Box'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Mariah Carey's 'Music Box'

Music Box

The Bottom Line

Mariah toned down the vocal gymnastics here, but she seemed to lose a lot of her energy as well. There are still strong songs here, but the overall effect is of a formula wearing a bit thin.

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  • Proof that vocal acrobatics aren't necessary for hits by Mariah Carey
  • Another good collection of dance music and ballads
  • The uplifting lyrics of 'Hero'


  • Diminished energy level
  • A bit formulaic


  • Mariah Carey in a mellow mood.
  • Good songwriting and song choice.
  • Misses some of what makes Mariah unique.

Guide Review - Mariah Carey 'Music Box'

After hearing some complaints that the use of her incredible vocal range was at times shrill, Mariah Carey responded with this album. The mood is more mellow, but it also seems like she was less invested in the music.

The hit song "Hero" is a good representative of the overall album. It's uplifting lyrics are among Mariah's best, but the performance seems like a bit of a Whitney Houston retread. "Dream Lover" is somewhat pale by comparison with previous hits "Someday" and "Emotions."

If you wish to hear Mariah Carey in a more mellow mood, this is a good album. The songwriting is generally high quality, and Nilsson's "Without You" is a good choice for a cover. However, you may find yourself wishing for more high notes and trademark trilling in the upper register.


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